• RE: How to align (synchronize) the outputs of two AD9516-1


    the problem you have is outlined in the data sheet, page 46: "there is an uncertainty of up to one cycle of the clock at the input to the channel divider due to asynchronous nature of SYSC signal with respect to the clock edges inside the AD9516"…

  • ad9136-FMC-BRD bring up and initial testing


    I'm trying to get an AD9136-FMC-BRD to work on a ZC102 and I'm having trouble getting an output on OUT0 (J17).

    With no clock on J1, I have no issues reading/writing registers over SPI and AXI for the ad9136 and ad9516-1.

    Probing JP2, the clock…

  • 推荐一下AD9516-5 Evaluation Board适用的external VCO


  • RE: AD9788-DPG2-EBZ: how to use AD9516

    The setup for using the AD9788 EVB is described in the user guide and includes clocking instructions for the AD9516 in the "Using the AD9516 " section.

  • RE: Hope to provide the firmware source for AD9518-0


    Attached is the AD9518 firmware.

    The file is labeled AD9516 but it contains the PID for the AD9516/ AD9517/ and AD9518.


  • AD 9144 evaluation board,How to configure Sysref for AD9516.

    Hello, on the evaluation board of AD9144, SYSREF is connected to OUT6 of AD9516 chip. How to configure Sysref for AD9516? Is there an example of a configuration method?(For example, how to configure the internal divider of AD9516?) Thanks!


  • Abnormal Power Supply to AD9516-1


    My customer is using AD9516-1 for his application.

    By unknown reason, voltage at Ground and 3.3V power are increased to 0.5V and 3.8V respectively.

    In this case, What could be happen to AD9516-1 ?

    Will AD9516-1 not be affected from this power…

  • Matching between AD9516 and CLK buffer


    My customer is using AD9516 with the clock buffer of TI as shown below(refer to attached datasheet).

    She said that if 10MHz input of clock buffer was connected directly to REFIN of AD9516, there was no problem and when she checked clock performance on…

  • Using AD9516-1 pre-installed on AD9789-EBZ eval board



    I'm testing AD9789-EBZ (REV A) eval board, following the quick start guide many times, but can't get AD9516-1 chip to work.


    First time, i connect 2Ghz clock from function generator directly to AD9789 via S1 (HF_DACCLK). Load AD9789_SPIsettings_Int_Sine_Wave…

  • AD9747 DAC Evaluation board

    How can I keep the register settings of the AD9516-1?