• Unused pin of AD9516-3

    Hello, I have some questions about AD9516-3.

    When using an external VCO, how the LF pin should be ?  Should the LF pin be connected to VS, GND or others ?

    And could you tell me other attention when using an external VCO ?

  • AD9516-3 Thermal resistance

    Hi, My Job is Thermal Engineer. Flotherm user

    AD9516-3 Thermal Datasheet :  Theta JA (24℃/W)

    I want to Theta JC and Theta JB (4-layer board in still air in accordance with EIA/JESD51-7)

  • ad9516

    I have two ad9516 evaluation boards, one is ad9516-1, the other is ad9516-5. When I used it, I found that the LD light on the ad9516-1 evaluation board could be normally lit after downloading the same program, but the LD light on ad9516-5 couldn't be…

  • RE: spectrum ERROR AD9142 output

    The clk that AD9516-3 provides is 160MHz and I use PLL to generate 1280MHz as system clk.

  • RE: How to align (synchronize) the outputs of two AD9516-1


    I took two AD9516 evaluation boards. I took an AD9545 eval board and I created two separate 250 MHz outputs that are in phase. I supplied these two clocks to the AD9516 eval boards at CLK connector. This replicates your configuration. Then I programmed…

  • ad9516

    1. May I ask whether the sma interface of CLK on ad9516 evaluation board can only be used to access the output of external VCO?

    2. I want to connect a 150MHZ clock to the ad9516 evaluation board, but it reminds me that it is beyond the scope of the PFD…

  • Using AD9516-1 pre-installed on AD9789-EBZ eval board



    I'm testing AD9789-EBZ (REV A) eval board, following the quick start guide many times, but can't get AD9516-1 chip to work.


    First time, i connect 2Ghz clock from function generator directly to AD9789 via S1 (HF_DACCLK). Load AD9789_SPIsettings_Int_Sine_Wave…

  • AD9516-3电源电流


  • AD9516-3时钟源咨询


          PS:1 依据ADIsimCLK,推荐的是TCX010或者一系列,但是现有资源我无法从网上获取,如有请提供,没有请给我推荐一款。见图。

                  2  附录是我选择的时钟源,请问是否符合要求,请点评!因为这个是OCXO,TXC技术支持提示并不是所有的时钟芯片都支持OCXO的输入。谢谢!

  • how to connect REF_SEL of AD9516-3 when the REFIN is differential pair?


    Recently I make the AD9516-3 to output 1G ,250M and 200M from the REF_SEL 200MHz. I plan to connect the REF_SEL of AD9516-3 to 200M difference clock from external chip.but How do I connect the REF_SEL? The datasheet only tells me about REF_SEL…