• Reference input design of AD9516

    Hi all,

    My customer has used AD9516-1 reference input in the following conditions.

      - REFIN : Single-ended LVCMOS, AC-Coupled, 10MHz square wave

    Recently, she found out the reference input conditions for 10MHz on the datasheet as below.

    Does she have…

  • Eval-ad9516-1 CMOS interface

    I have an ad9516-1 evaluation board. I want to use two cmos interfaces with different frequencies, but the sixth and seventh interfaces on the evaluation board are not soldered. Therefore, I want to solder the sixth and seventh interfaces, but I don’t…

  • Unused pin of AD9516-3

    Hello, I have some questions about AD9516-3.

    When using an external VCO, how the LF pin should be ?  Should the LF pin be connected to VS, GND or others ?

    And could you tell me other attention when using an external VCO ?

  • ad9516配置问题


  • AD9516配置问题


  • Abnormal Power Supply to AD9516-1


    My customer is using AD9516-1 for his application.

    By unknown reason, voltage at Ground and 3.3V power are increased to 0.5V and 3.8V respectively.

    In this case, What could be happen to AD9516-1 ?

    Will AD9516-1 not be affected from this power…

  • Matching between AD9516 and CLK buffer


    My customer is using AD9516 with the clock buffer of TI as shown below(refer to attached datasheet).

    She said that if 10MHz input of clock buffer was connected directly to REFIN of AD9516, there was no problem and when she checked clock performance on…

  • AD9516-3电源电流


  • AD9516's power current supply requirements


    We noted AD9516 needs three power supply, named VS, VCP and VS_LVPECL, and in the datasheet there are figures 7,8,9,11,12. I am confused about those figures. Is the figure 7, Current vs. Frequency, Direct to Output, LVPECL Outputs, means the current…

  • Suitable frequency reference for AD9516-1

    I am considering using the AD9516-1 evaluation board as a dedicated DAC clock generator for my RF testbench. The target application is evaluation of Wifi (802.11n) modules in the 2.4-6GHz range. The IQ DAC clock rate is 200MHz (we are using AD9779A).…