• AD9516

    1. 我们需要将1 MHz的激光器时钟信号输入到NI 5734模块,做时钟信号的同步。而NI 5734 的频率范围是50-120 MHz 。

    在ScanImage 官网上有推荐使用 AD9516模块提高频率(scanimage.vidriotechnologies.com/.../Synchronization to Laser Clock)

    2.在ScanImage 中实现光子计数也需要使用 AD9516(docs.scanimage.org/.../Photon+Counting.html)

  • Mechanical drawing of AD9516-0BCPZ

    Hi All:

    Does anyone have the mechanical drawing for AD9516-0BCPZ? I want to make a housing for it.


  • AD9516-0 软件导入问题



    2.导入后,是否是永久保存的?   我在使用时,发现断电后重开电源,评估板中的软件参数设置就恢复原始了,不是我保存的设置了。这应该如何解决呢?


  • RE: About BAPASS pin of AD9516-3


    I took an AD9516-3 eval board and I plugged it in. I measured BYPASS pin as a continuous voltage at 2.5V.

    Then I created a configuration controlling a clock at REF1 pin. The PLL locked and created an output clock. I continued to measure 2.5V at BYPASS…

  • ad9516

    1. May I ask whether the sma interface of CLK on ad9516 evaluation board can only be used to access the output of external VCO?

    2. I want to connect a 150MHZ clock to the ad9516 evaluation board, but it reminds me that it is beyond the scope of the PFD…

  • ad9516

    I have two ad9516 evaluation boards, one is ad9516-1, the other is ad9516-5. When I used it, I found that the LD light on the ad9516-1 evaluation board could be normally lit after downloading the same program, but the LD light on ad9516-5 couldn't be…

  • AD9516

    Dear friends,
    I have a problem in programming AD9516-3.
    I have programmed the register map for the following configuration.

    VCO is locked correctly but I don't have any outputs on OUT0 ~ OUT9!
    any comment is welcome.

    Thank you

  • AD9516 reference spurs

    Dear All,

    I am using the AD9516-0 to clock the AD9122.

    • reference frequency = 122.88MHz
    • DAC sampling = 983.04MHz
    • PFD frequency = 61.44MHz

    Around the 983.04MHz, I can observe a lot of spurs every 61.44MHz.

    What is the maximum reference spurious…

  • AD9516-1 issue


    R = 1, PD = 8, A = 0, B = 3

    The loop filter is the same schematic with AD9789EV.

    Ref in-100MHz , OutCLK-2.4GHz

    PLL Frequency locking is well.

    Phase noise is fine.

    But the frequency of 1~10KHz offset the shakes.

    What is the problem?