• AD9516

    Dear friends,
    I have a problem in programming AD9516-3.
    I have programmed the register map for the following configuration.

    VCO is locked correctly but I don't have any outputs on OUT0 ~ OUT9!
    any comment is welcome.

    Thank you

  • ad9516

    1. May I ask whether the sma interface of CLK on ad9516 evaluation board can only be used to access the output of external VCO?

    2. I want to connect a 150MHZ clock to the ad9516 evaluation board, but it reminds me that it is beyond the scope of the PFD…

  • ad9516

    I have two ad9516 evaluation boards, one is ad9516-1, the other is ad9516-5. When I used it, I found that the LD light on the ad9516-1 evaluation board could be normally lit after downloading the same program, but the LD light on ad9516-5 couldn't be…

  • AD9516 reference spurs

    Dear All,

    I am using the AD9516-0 to clock the AD9122.

    • reference frequency = 122.88MHz
    • DAC sampling = 983.04MHz
    • PFD frequency = 61.44MHz

    Around the 983.04MHz, I can observe a lot of spurs every 61.44MHz.

    What is the maximum reference spurious…

  • AD9516-1 issue


    R = 1, PD = 8, A = 0, B = 3

    The loop filter is the same schematic with AD9789EV.

    Ref in-100MHz , OutCLK-2.4GHz

    PLL Frequency locking is well.

    Phase noise is fine.

    But the frequency of 1~10KHz offset the shakes.

    What is the problem?


  • AD9516-3 Thermal resistance

    Hi, My Job is Thermal Engineer. Flotherm user

    AD9516-3 Thermal Datasheet :  Theta JA (24℃/W)

    I want to Theta JC and Theta JB (4-layer board in still air in accordance with EIA/JESD51-7)

  • AD9516-1 use VCO or bypass?

    I have generated the required clocks using two different configurations of the AD9516-1. One mode uses VCO, divides by 2, and thus I need a higher input clock frequency. The other mode bypasses VCO, and thus I can use a lower input clock frequency.


  • ad9516-1 clk rubidium clock

    I have a rubidium clock, the output common mode voltage is about 0V, I want to use the output of this rubidium clock to send to the CLK interface of ad9516-1, can I input it directly? Or what conversion measures I need to go through.

  • Eval-ad9516-1 CMOS interface

    1.I have an ad9516-1 evaluation board. I want to use two cmos interfaces with different frequencies, but the sixth and seventh interfaces on the evaluation board are not soldered. Therefore, I want to solder the sixth and seventh interfaces, but I don…

  • AD9516-1 LVPECL clock generation


    I want to make DAC clock 500 MHz in AD9135-FMC-EBZ. The AD9135-FMC-EBZ has AD9516 clock generator. 

    The OUT1 of AD9516 is connected to the clock pin of AD9135 in schematics.

    According to the document that the input clock of AD9516 is 250 MHz