• RE: AD9516-1 issue

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  • Abnormal Power Supply to AD9516-1


    My customer is using AD9516-1 for his application.

    By unknown reason, voltage at Ground and 3.3V power are increased to 0.5V and 3.8V respectively.

    In this case, What could be happen to AD9516-1 ?

    Will AD9516-1 not be affected from this power…

  • AD9516-1 LVPECL clock generation


    I want to make DAC clock 500 MHz in AD9135-FMC-EBZ. The AD9135-FMC-EBZ has AD9516 clock generator. 

    The OUT1 of AD9516 is connected to the clock pin of AD9135 in schematics.

    According to the document that the input clock of AD9516 is 250 MHz 

  • Spurs in the output signal of AD9516-1

    I use AD9516-1 to get the frequencies 1205, 602.5, 302.5 MHz and others.
    The reference frequency is 10 MHz.
    At the output of the signal, I see the spurs of a large level with the detuning of 48-49 kHz.

    The VCO is used internally. In the reference signal…

  • Suitable frequency reference for AD9516-1

    I am considering using the AD9516-1 evaluation board as a dedicated DAC clock generator for my RF testbench. The target application is evaluation of Wifi (802.11n) modules in the 2.4-6GHz range. The IQ DAC clock rate is 200MHz (we are using AD9779A).…

  • AD9516-1, Figure 65, Read, CS timing

    In Figure 65 of the AD9516-1 datasheet (Rev C), the chip select signal goes low after the R/W bit is clocked into the device. 

    Is this correct or an error in the datasheet?


  • Using AD9516-1 pre-installed on AD9789-EBZ eval board



    I'm testing AD9789-EBZ (REV A) eval board, following the quick start guide many times, but can't get AD9516-1 chip to work.


    First time, i connect 2Ghz clock from function generator directly to AD9789 via S1 (HF_DACCLK). Load AD9789_SPIsettings_Int_Sine_Wave…

  • We have AD9125-M5372-EBZ board for evaluating DAC.Could you please support us in evaluating this DAC AD9125.We are not able to generate DAC output

    1. We are able to configure the PLL AD9516 to generate required clocks for DAC AD9125 chip( REF CLK, DAC CLK).
    2. Digital data along with clock is given through FPGA.
    3.DAC is configured through SPI using register configuration given in ACE GUI software…

  • RE: AD9516-1输出问题

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  • RE: AD9516-1如何配置

    您好! 建议您首先核查寄存器是否能正确读写,然后下载评估软件,用评估软件设置所需的频率,保存后使用记事本打开,可以看到寄存器的值。将这些寄存器的值通过SPI配置到AD9516,最后进行VCO校准操作。关于硬件,建议您下载评估板原理图进行核对。