• AD9513

    Hi. I'm interested in using the AD9513. I'd like to know the input impedance and drive strength necessary for the buffer to work.

    I'm going send ONE 3.3V CMOS 10MHz clock to the input of TWO AD9513 chips.

    I want to make sure the 10MHz can…

  • AD9513



  • AD9513


    I want to use AD9513 to give clock to another IC with a min voltage requirement of 800mvp-p single ended clock. want to understand if i convert LVDS to single ended will i be able to support 800mVp-p single ended?

    thanks in advance

  • AD9513

    Can AD9513 work as a fanout driver for digital data signal like the one in communication, which carries data by codeing? Thanks very much!

  • AD9513

    AD9513可否用于数字信号的fanout driver(带有编码、不需要分频)?

  • RE: ADCLK846

    Dear kevkevkjkj,

    > The AD9513 LVDS output will drive the ADCLK846 output, I'm just concerned that the LVDS levels are near the max for the ADCLK846.

    The ADCLK846 is inteded to accept LVDS, so there's no problem driving an ADCLK846 with an AD9513…

  • AD9513 input signal type?

    Hello sir:

    We want to use AD9513 for our product

    We plan input sine wave or clipped sine wave to AD9513 from VCTCXO, is it OK? or have any other suggestions?



  • RE: AD9513 input

    Dear Paul,

    indeed, that is a straightforward solution for the TCXO with a 3.3V CMOS output. I should just take care of the input/output impedances of TCXO and AD9513, respectively.

    Regarding the clipped sine output TCXO, do you think it may degrade…

  • AD9513 jitter


    I want to use AD9513 with a single ended input (10 MHz).

    Can I use it as jitter attenuator ? My need is to have the same frequency in output but with a lower jitter.


  • RE: MCU control AD9513

    Moved this question on the AD9513 to the Clock and Timing community.