• AD9511: Programming the device in RESET

    While the device is in RESET is it possible to program any register to any
    value other than the default ?


    It is not possible to program the AD9511 while it is in RESET state. This is
    because the RESETB pin (or the soft-reset bit) initiates a…

  • ad9511和ad9522的配置


  • RE: Weird problem with AD9511 at power on

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  • AD9511 with CVHD-950 VCXO

    We're designig a product that requires both a very good frequency stability and a very low phase noise and jitter as we need to clock a 14 bit 170Msps ADC (an AD9643), an AD9707 DAC and get a reference for an ADF4351 synthesizer.

    We're going to…

  • AD9511BCPZ SPI通信有没有例程代码,C语言版本的?

    最近在使用AD9511时,使用的主控芯片为stm32f4,用SPI2控制 AD9511,不管怎么样弄都控制不了AD9511,我想问下你们有没有类似的例程,别说官方的开发板,那都是上位机演示用的,没有任何帮助?

  • AD951x: REFIN & CLK levels and FAQ "how to treat unused pins"

    I am using AD9510, AD9511, AD9512 and AD9951. I would like to ask the following:

    1) About CLK1, CLK2, REFIN inputs in AD951x and REFCLK input in AD9951, do they
    accept both sinusoidal and square signals, like LVPECL?

    2) Which is the maximum input…

  • Want to use AD9510/11's DLD as our lock alarm, but it may not work properly if the reference disappears. Any solution?

    We want to use the DLD as our lock alarm, but the datasheet  suggests it might
    not work properly if the reference  disappears.
    The PLL does not automatically recover if you enable the "loss  of reference"
    detection circuit that is required…

  • Baking the AD9951A

    Does this part have to be baked 24hours prior soldering it.


    Only packages which exceed the recommended storage conditions should be baked
    before reflow soldering. The AD9951 has a Moisture Sensitivity Level rating of
    3. If the part is removed…

  • RE: AD9231, AD9573

    My reading of the AD9573 datasheet indicates that the 100M output is fixed at 100MHz (not adjustable), which is too high for AD9231.

    On page 7 the datasheet indicates that the max. Input Clock Rate for the AD9231 is 625MHz. Why should the 100MHz…