• AD9634 Differential input voltage Spec of CLK


    AD9634 datasheet Figure 55  uses AD9510 for clock driver of  LVDS.

    The differential input voltage spec of AD9634 is  0.3V ~ 3.6Vp-p.

    The differential output voltage of AD9510 is 250mV~450mV.

    Out customer  asks if AD9510 does not meet input specification…

  • How do I configure the AD9510 register?

    How do I configure the AD9510 register?

  • AD9253 sharing SPI BUS with clock driver (i.e AD9510)


    My company is designing acquistion board and we targeted AD9253 as its ADC. We will use FPGA to configure ADC and PLL and to retreive data from it. Due to the limit of available pins on our FPGA I want to minimize interfaces as much as possible…

  • Choosing a VCO

    How do I know which VCO will work best with the AD9510?

  • RE: Using the PLL in the AD9510

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  • AD9510: Evaluation PCB

    1 . Is the output for the external low pass filter a current or a voltage? 
    2. How is the maximum and minum voltage that can be presented in reference and
    3. RcPSet in my case is 5.1 Kohm how can i change it?


    Question 1:
  • AD9510: Outputs not in Phase

    for evalution board AD9510, on the CLK1 input 1001.6 MHz, ratio 8 for output5
    and output6 equal 125.2 MHz. For on/off, on/off ext. clock (1001.6 MHz) have
    shift phase between output5 and output6 equal 90 or 180 or 270 or 0 degree.


  • AD9510 Register Configuration Reset

    Is there some way to hard reset the PLL counters without losing all register


    Register 0x09 has bits to hold the R and N dividers in reset. You can set and
    clear these to get different phases.
  • RE: AD9510 soft sync

    Yes I write in the register 0x5A after each instrution.

    The outputs seem static or with low frequency, my frequency measurement says it goes from 250Mhz to around 6MHz for each channel.

    The FUNCTION pin is being used for RESETB. Also I sometimes have…

  • AD9510 floating clock input

    I am not using the CLK1 input on the AD9510. Can I just leave it floating?