• AD9508 clock buffer

    Hello Sir,

    I am using AD908 clock buffer for providing input clock to ADC. I am sending differential clock as input  to AD9508 from fpga and configuring its registers in SPI mode.

    I have configured registers with the default values given in the datasheet…

  • AD9508 in CMOS Single-Ended Output Configuration

    Related to the AD9508 I would like to know which is the minimum and the maximum
    voltage of the output clock signals when they are used as CMOS single-ended. I
    would need a clock signal ranging from 0V to 3.3V, can this signal distributed
    in the…

  • AD9508 I2C Data Transfer Format Clarification

    When reading the datasheet for the AD9508 clock buffer IC, the I2C section indicates that the device uses 16 bit addressing. Below is the read transfer format and a small section of the AD9508 register map.

    Suppose one wishes to read from the "Silicon…

  • Can multiple AD9508 be synchronized with sync?

    Can multiple AD9508 be synchronized with SYNC Pin?


  • AD9508 OUTPUT 1.8V CMOS question


       I am debugging the function of AD9508. I have configured it in pin programming mode (AD9545 datasheet Pg26), but why the output is 2V level CMOS, which is theoretically 1.8V.


  • AD9508 output voltage level conversion to 3.3


    I have to increase the CMOS output voltage of AD9508 EVB from 2Vpp to 3.3Vpp for all output ports. 

    What is the recommended technique to increase the output voltage level and possibly set the output common mode level without affecting jitter perfor…

  • AD9508 cmos output problem

    Hi all,

         We use AD9508 to generate 40M clock signal.Now we have two questions:

    1,The  low level of clock waveform  is 500-600mv.It can not  get close to 0mv;Is there a problem?How to solve it?

    2,The clock waveform of 40M is not same as  figure 12 of the AD9508…

  • AD9508 : phase offset and delay


    I have a question about AD9508 propagation delay.
    Does it make a change of propagation delay due to change the phase offset ?
    I am asked from our customer about the reason of delay while he change the offset from 0x00 to 0x01 on register 0x17.
    He set…

  • RE: AD9508 evaluation board operation


    I am able with my instruments to provide only AD9508_setup_1p25G_in_125M_OUT1.zip1250 MHz to an AD9508 eval board. I provided this clock from an AD9525 eval board having a 2500MHz VCO. The outputs are PECL, 960 mV level.

    I plugged this into an AD9508…