• AD9508 clock input


    I would like to use the AD9508 with a sine wave input, but it is not clear from the datasheet if this is possible.

    Does the AD9508 support such inputs, or do they have to be a square wave?

    Thank you in advance,


  • AD9508/PCBZ API

    I have a system that uses the Analog Devices AD9508/PCBZ eval board to route clocks to various sinks.  It takes a 150 MHz input clock and provides the following:

    • 2x LVDS 150 MHz clocks
    • 2x 10 MHz CMOS clocks
    • 2x 50 MHz CMOS clocks

    The output format…

  • AD9508 HSTL drive current



    Is the drive current of the AD9508 in HSTL mode 8mA(or 16mA in double amplitude) described in de datasheet(rev E) on page 24 section "Clock Output" or 3.5mA(or 2x3.5mA in double amplitude) described in the register settings on page 35-39…

  • AD9508, Single Ended Output

    Dear Analog Devices

    I am having challenge in clarifying some details regarding the use of the AD9508.

    My intention is to implement the clock fan-out buffer towards three ADV7180 analog video decoders. I suggest to use a 57.2727MHz (+/-25ppm) oscillator…

  • Problems wih AD9508 cmos output


     I need 8 single-ended 100MHz clocks  and these are have same frequency and phase. I see  AD9508 have  8 1.8V CMOS outputs. The problem as follows,

    1. I see in the datasheet of AD9508 in page 26 rev .G , look at the red line in the picture below. In "PIN…

  • AD9508 OUTPUT 1.8V CMOS question


       I am debugging the function of AD9508. I have configured it in pin programming mode (AD9545 datasheet Pg26), but why the output is 2V level CMOS, which is theoretically 1.8V.


  • AD9508: Pin Strapping resistor values

    Hi All

    In the course of reducing the parts count of our Mainboard, I'd like to change the pin strapping resistors for the AD9508 from 820R to 1K. Will the corresponding function be correctly selected anyways? Or is it necessary for the resistors to match…

  • AD9508 cmos output problem

    Hi all,

         We use AD9508 to generate 40M clock signal.Now we have two questions:

    1,The  low level of clock waveform  is 500-600mv.It can not  get close to 0mv;Is there a problem?How to solve it?

    2,The clock waveform of 40M is not same as  figure 12 of the AD9508…

  • AD9508 and AD9744 (DAC)


    Analog experts I really need your help. it seems my thesis is going to hell or paradise!

    I have concluded a result at the end of this page. is it OK?

    according to the AD9508's datasheet:

    the output swing is as shown below:

    and the output offset…