• AD9484

    Dear support,

    we recently bought an AD9434-FMC-500EBZ board to evaluate on this ADC.

    We also want to evaluate on the pin compatible AD9484 8-bit device,

    but we see that the AD9484 evaluation board is only available for purchase with the non-FMC…

  • AD9484问题



  • AD9484 CMRR Specification


    Are there any specifications for the CMRR vs. frequency for the AD9484 500MSps, 8 Bit ADC?

    I could only find the specified CM Input Voltage of 1.7V but no information about the impact of slight variations of this voltage on the digital output…

  • AD9484 capture data

    I've used the UG-290 with AD9484 to capture data. But it seems that the voltage is limited between -1V and 1V. How to solve this problem and get the raw data? Thank you!


  • UG-290 AD9484


    I've recently bought the evaluation board UG-290 with AD9484 and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ Data Capture Board. I wonder whether there is an on-board clock to use so that I don't need to connect an external clock. The datasheet has mentioned the on-boa…

  • FLEX_VREF  of AD9484


         I want use the external voltage reference of AD9484,but the datasheet is confusing ,as it shows,

    BIT 7,6 should be 0 1,use  import Vref, voltage range is 0.59V to 0.8V, but bit 4 to 0 show that Input voltage range is 1.18 to 1.6V, is there any…

  • AD9484 common mode


    I went through the AD9484 datasheet, and I was a little bit confused in understanding the input common mode section.

    According to the datasheet, the optimum input common mode is set to about 1.7 V by CML pin. Since the ADC has a 1.5 Vpp maximum…

  • AD9484 input Vcomm query

      Hi ADI Enineers : 

       I  intend to use ADA4939-1 to drive AD9484 , DC coupled , ADA4939-1 output 1V Vp-p volatge , AD9484's CML output 1.7V voltage , so ADA4939's positive output will reach to 2.2V , It seems exceed the absolute maxim VIN+ . Could you help…

  • AD9484, just some questions.

    I intend on using the AD9484 in a multichannel digitizer/processing system.

    8-bits running at 500Msps is great for this purpose.

    I was looking through the datasheet of the chip and the eval board and still had some questions. Even after looking at other…

  • AD9484外围电路