• AD9467-FMC-250EBZ

    I have a Xilinx ZC702 evaluation board and wish to investigate using one of
    your high speed >100MSPS 16bit ADCs to analyse an analogue stream from a Laser
    Receiver Diode.  Is the  AD9467-FMC-250EBZ compatible with the ZC702 dev.
    board.  I guessing…

  • AD9467 Exposed Paddle

    The Gerber files for the AD9467 show that solder paste is
    deposited only on the center square of the exposed paddle PCB layout.


    This is just a recommendation so that there is uniform solder flow under the
    chip so there aren’t any “islands” that…

  • AD9467: SPI 2.5V logic

    The datasheet  states: For normal SPI operation, these pins should be tied to
    AGND through a 100 kΩ resistor on each pin. These pins are both 1.8 V and 3.3 V
    tolerant. However, the SDIO output logic level is dependent on the bias of the

  • AD9467 SFDR question.


    I have a question about the ad9467 SFDR.
    The test environment used a sampling clock of 250 MHz and inputs from 137.5 MHz to 237.5 MHz.
    SFDR is measured higher than the datasheet.


    AD9467-FMC-250EBz was used. Attach the capture file.

    Please review.

  • AD9467-200: EBZ to Xilinx 1

    I am using AD9467-200EBZ evalboard to connect to Xilinx FPGA Virtex 6 eval
    board to test on 3G WCDMA project. I want to know what is the exact part number
    for the connector/adapter between these 2 boards? Does ADI also support this

  • AD9467 SPI


    According to datasheet, SCLK, SDIO and CSB Maximum Ratings depend on SPIVDD, which is -0.3V to SPIVDD + 0.2V.

    In ad9467-fmc-250ebz Evaluation board schematic, SPIVDD(VDD3SPI) is connected to 1.8V, SCLK_DUT and SDIO_DUT are connected to 3.3V logic…

  • Cannot get datasheet SFDR/THD performance from AD9467-250

    I am working with AD9467-250 in a product where we need -84dBc THD @ -1dBFS, 250MSps, 1MHz signal. Using external reference (2.5V).

    The AD9467 datasheet does not give THD performance, but SFDR is a good indicator.

    The AD9467-250 is supposed to give 97dBFS…

  • Is the AD9467's register 107h address correct?

    In the AD9467 ADC there is a register at address 107h. Is this an error or not.
    If not, why is this one register addressable on 9 bits, and all the others on 8


    The registers 0x36 and 0x107 allow the user to control the buffer currents.…

  • AD9467 FMC board


    I want to know what is the minimum and maximum input (Voltage and frequency ) for the AD9467 FMC board? plz Help