• AD9467 FMC (AD9467-FMC-250EBZ) BOM Replication


    We've been evaluating the AD9467 on the FMC card and found that it works well for our application.  We would like to copy part of the FMC reference design into our design.  We are having trouble finding T105 (B0310E5050A00). It even can't be…

  • Use the ad9517 to clock the ad9467 on the AD9467-FMC-250EBZ board

    Hi all,

    The AD9467 needs a low jitter clock which generated by the AD9517-4. And the modifications has been made on the bord.It will work in the mode below,pll + internal vco.

    So what will be changed in the code download from the GitHub?

  • AD9467 FMC board


    I want to know what is the minimum and maximum input (Voltage and frequency ) for the AD9467 FMC board? plz Help

  • RE: AD9467-How about the bandwidth in applications?

    The TC4-1T+ has a minimum rated frequency of 500 KHz, which is likely causing the attenuation at lower frequencies. Please use a higher input frequency or change the input transformer to something more suitable. Another option is to use a dc-coupled amplifier…

  • ad9467


  • EVAL-AD9467 FMC voltage compability with 1.8V


    I am searching for a High Speed FMC ADC card (at least 100 MSPS) and I have found EVAL-AD9467. I would like to ask if this card will be compatible with KCU105.

    KCU105 have Vadj set to 1.8V and most cards on the market require at least Vadj to be…


    Hi Andrei, 
    We found the issue is in our local setup. We have made some basic mistake in our signal generator and measurements.

    Really thank you for your response. They're really helpful.

  • AD9467


    I am having problems with an analyze of the AD9567 NATIVE FMC BOARD.

    The AD9467 have 16bit output and can run up to 250MSPs

    The output is differential, but i does only have 8 outputs. (8+ and 8 - differential)




    How do…

  • RE: AD9467

    The address part of the instruction is 13 bits(12-0). See AN-877 for more information.