• AD9446: CMOS output

    The AD9446 can be configured to use LVDS or CMOS digital interfacing. LVDS
    results in a more demanding and larger PCB design and will require an FPGA with
    increased pincount and LVDS receivers, that would not be the case if we use the
    CMOS mode…

  • AD9446 LVDS output questions


    Our customer has question on the AD9446, please see below.

    We are using the Analog AD9446BSVZ-100 ADC with LVDS outputs for this project..  Both the data bus outputs

    And the clock output have the same timing range (2.1ns – 4.8ns). 


    1. Is it…
  • AD9446输入信号范围



    由SignalTap II 采集数据显示,第一片AD输入信号峰峰值约3700mV时,输出饱和(65536);第二片AD输入信号峰峰值约530mV时,输出饱和(65536)。



  • AD9446 supply sequence


    Is there recommended supply-sequence of AD9446  about AVDD1, AVDD2 and DRVDD?

    I can not find supply sequence of AVDD1, AVDD2 and DRVDD in absolute maximum rating of datasheet.

    I will use  the sequence of  AVDD2 (5V)  --> AVDD1(3.3V) -->  DRVDD…

  • AD9446相关问题




  • AD9446的LVDS差分信号线PCB设计?


  • AD9446 Input referred noise & Setup of input signal

    I have two questions with AD9446.

    1. What the meaning of Input referred noise in AD9446's datasheet ?

    2. I want to test the dynamic performance of AD9446 with signal generator Tektronix_AFG3252(14 bit resolution). How could I sep up the input signal…

  • AD9446上电3.3V后电源噪声大


  • AD9446 and AD8139


    I,m a young application engineer for LXT-Credence company.

    I have design for a customer who wants to test infra red sensor, a loadboard.

    As the sensor delivers an output analog signal, and contains 288x384 pixels, I decided to use an ADC to…