• Driving an AD9434 with the AD8335

    Hi folks,

    I am looking for some advice on the design of drive electronics for the AD9434, specifically when considering using the AD8335. The AD8335 is a device I've used before, however this was when driving the ADC3424 from TI which provided schematics…

  • EVAL-AD9434 general questions

    I am looking for an ADC with a sampling frequency as low as 30MSPS to more than 300MSPS, then after research I found ad9434 that works from (50-500MSPS) put as I found the evaluation board EVAL-AD9434 I have a few question before purchasing the product…

  • AD9434 startup time from standby and powerdown

    How long does it take to startup from standby?
    How long does it take to startup from powerdown?


    Startup from standby is 50us nominal. 
    Startup from powerdown is 1ms nominal. 

  • interfacing basys3 fpga with AD9434

    Hi, I want to interface the Artix7-basys3 with AD9434. Can anyone suggest how to do that. I have attached AD9434 data sheet and user guide below.





  • AD9434

    I am using the AD9434 adc board.For data capturing other than HSC data capture board,is there any other other which is compatible with AD9434? I am looking for another board because the HSC is very costly.Could you suggest me a low cost data capture board…

  • HSC-ADC-EVALCZ AD9434 VisualAnalog readout delay

    Hi fellow engineers!

    As stated in the subject, I am currently running tests on the AD9434 evaluation board with the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board using VisualAnalog software. When using the "Samples" canvas template i am repeatedly getting 255 empty samples at…

  • AD9434 SPI

    I need an AD9434 SPI interface code in verilog or VHDL.

    Where could I find the codes?

  • ML605 Xilinx FPGA board interfacing with both AD9434 and AD9789 eval boards

    1. Is it possible to connect the AD9434-500EBZ to the ML605 Xilinx FPGA board,
    which has two FMC slots?
    Maybe using the AD-DAC-FMC-ADP board?

    2. I already use the AD-DAC-FMC-ADP to connect your AD9789 board to the ML605.
    Is it also possible…

  • AD9434: Error in datasheet CHIP_GRADE register bit settings for 500MSPS speed grade option

    Are there any issues with the reading of the speed grade (CHIP_GRADE register
    02) on AD9434? The speed grade options provided in the datasheet (table 13,
    page 25) are:

    00=500 MSPS
    01= 370 MSPS

    But I am reading  “10” from address 02 (CHIP_GRADE…