• Difference between AD9434-500EBZ and AD9434-FMC-500EBZ

    We need to build a mix-signal system with a input from ADC over 100MSPS, and the converted data needs to be processed by FPGA.

    The evaluation board AD9434-FMC-500EBZ satisfies our requirements, but the we find that we might not be able to buy it from…

  • Programming AD9434 SPI settings on AD9434-500EBZ eval board

    Does anyone have any experience programming the SPI interface on the AD9434 (or similar) eval board? I am a relative newbie at this, so I very well may have missed something obvious.

    I am trying to talk to the eval board directly as part of a prototyping…

  • RE: EVAL-AD9434 general questions

    1. The DC1564A-H is the evaluation board for the LTC2158-2, it does have an FMC connector, so it will connect with the KCU105 board. 

    2.  The software for the DC1564-H is windows based, PScope.  We have python and Matlab code that you can use to collect data…

  • HSC-ADC-EVALCZ AD9434 VisualAnalog readout delay

    Hi fellow engineers!

    As stated in the subject, I am currently running tests on the AD9434 evaluation board with the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board using VisualAnalog software. When using the "Samples" canvas template i am repeatedly getting 255 empty samples at…

  • RE: AD9434

    Could you find out if anything else would be compatible?? Because there are other boards but this AD9434 device support is not available.It would be great if you could give me a solution for this.

  • AD9434 termination


    My customer is interfacing the AD9434 and Altera Arria II FPGA but there are two methods of termination suggested - unless I am missing something!

    1. Standard LVDS Termination: 3-resistor transmitter, 1 resistor receiver termination.

      This is used…
  • AD9434 difficulties

    Hello ADI support:

    I am using the AD9434 ADC in a chemistry measurement system.  The AD9434 output is LVDS into Altera FPGA, but FPGA side is non-terminated (See Schematic Page 13 below).

    SiTime Oscillator SiT9107AC-23FH33E500.000000 drives AD9513, strapped…

  • AD9434 SPI

    I need an AD9434 SPI interface code in verilog or VHDL.

    Where could I find the codes?

  • AD9434

    We have an application that I think the AD9434 would be ideal for if I'm interpreting the data sheet correctly.  We need to have a 500MSPS ADC in an application where the ADC sits in a very low power mode, but a "trigger event" wakes up the ADC in…