• AD9430: Power grounds

    I am going to use the AD9430 device in our design but there is a bit of
    confusion on the power grounds. In your data sheet page 8, there is a note at
    the bottom of the page which says that The AGND and DRGND should be tied
    togather to…
  • AD9430: Unstable output

    I am using a AD9430 at 176MHz and the output does not look stable using LVCMOS
    mode (parallel).
    I have heard there may be issues regarding the LVCMOS output at high speeds.
    Please can you advise if this is the case?


    Any high speed…
  • AD9430: Data to DCO skew

    AD9430 datasheet Rev D page 8 of 44. max Data to DCO skew states 0.8ns. however
    tpdmax-tcpdmax = 4.3-3.8 = 0.5ns not 0.8ns?
    and no minimum stated for tpd.


    The skew specification is the difference in propagation delay, which is
  • AD9430: Grounding strategy

    Should I use separate ground planes for digital- and analog ground in the PCB
    for AD9430? If so, is it enough to have separate gnds on the component layer
    gnd and let the inductance of the ground vias do the filtering or should all
  • RE: AD9430 and sparkle codes

    Hi Oleg,

    Someone from our High Speed ADC Product support team will contact you shortly via your registered EngineerZone email to get more details on your application.

    Best Regards,

    Tony M

  • RE: Can AD8306 be used as an AGC amplifier


      Thank you very much for receiving your reply. 

      I want to do a receiving device.My input modulated signal(BPSK) range is -62dBm~-1dBm, and my frequency range of transmission is 20M~50M.My plan is that the signal goes through AD8306 to the AD9430 chip…

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