• AD9398 0x5B HDMI Mode


    I'd like to know how AD9398 detects the signal is HDMI or DVI.

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  • AD9398 - 59.94 or 60 Hz ?


    I have a question regarding AD9389 HDMI receiver.

    I need to know exact input video format on my HDMI receiver. I can read register 0x84[6:0] to find out CEA VID, but I could not find a way to get exact refresh rate. CEA standards combine 59.94…

  • Issues with the AD9398

    We are having an issue where noise from an ESU (electric cauterizer) is upsetting the HDMI receiver (AD9398) in our design. The interference is not coming in on the inputs, but rather absorbed directly through the top of the package. We know this because…

  • Replacing ADV7612 in place of AD9398

    i have designed a DVI video receiver card using AD9398. The output of AD9398 will be given to ADV202 for further compression. Now i read   a warning from ADI saying that the don't use AD9398 for new design and recommended ADV7612 in place of AD9398.…

  • Unable to shorten HSYNC on AD9398


    I need to shorten the HSYNC pulse and have tried doing so by altering register 0x23 which is the HSYNC duration, but nothing happens to the signal, it stays 5us wide. I can however change the duration on VSYNC...

    I don't know if the above has anything…

  • RE: AD9398 how to use EDID memory?

    Hello Thomas,

      The EDID EEPROM stores a description of the monitor (or sink) abilities. This is readable by the source (DVD? STB?) over the DDC lines. If you do a search on this site for the FAQ on the AD9880 (or AD9398), you will find support filesl…

  • AD9880/AD9380/AD9381/AD9398/AD9393 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the AD9880, AD9380, AD9381, AD9398, and AD9393 video Rx products.

    File Content
  • How to use AD9398 with external HDCP key

    We use AD9398 with external HDCP key.

    But HDCP authentification is not completed.

    (Astro VG-849C -----> AD9398)

    It seems that KSV of Rx is read correctly, but R0 of Rx = "0000" and register 0x2F = 67h(HDCP Keys Read=0).

    (Refer to attached…

  • AD9398 and ADV7393 with HDMI YCbCr 4:2:2 Input

    I currently have an AD9398 connected to an ADV7393 in HD 16-bit SDR mode.  I am using HD-component output of the ADV7393.  I have tested RGB and YCbCr 4:4:4 inputs via HDMI successfully and seen the appropriate output of the component video.  When I use…

  • How to use dual-link bit on AD9398(0x27[6])


    "Dual-link" is described as follows in AD9398 Datasheet  Rev. 0 | Page 27 of 44 .

    "0x27—Bit[6] HDCP A0 Address
    This bit sets the LSB of the address of the HDCP I2C. This should be set to 1 only for a second receiver in a dual-link configuration…