• Replacing ADV7612 in place of AD9398

    i have designed a DVI video receiver card using AD9398. The output of AD9398 will be given to ADV202 for further compression. Now i read   a warning from ADI saying that the don't use AD9398 for new design and recommended ADV7612 in place of AD9398.…

  • AD9398 Register Map


    I am looking for the register map for the AD9398.  I can't seem to find it from the AD9398 product page.



  • A problem about AD9398


        WE have disign some HDMI TX/RX cards . The old version use ad9889b and ad9398 , and the new version use sil9136-3 and ADV7619 . But now we have some problem when use ad9398 to receive sil9136-3's PAL output . The test result is :

    AD9889B -…

  • RE: Smeared colors on OLED

    Ok, I do also believe that it isn't an AD9398 issue; could it be a termination problem you think? I do not have serial termination between the AD9398 and the DAC and I do also not have it in between the HDMI connector and the AD9398. What I'm really asking…

  • RE: AD9398 Setup?

    Hi Brett,

    I talked with Steve and he explained that you all needed to use AD9398 rather than ADV7611 due to package size. 

    I'll try to pull in the AD9398 expert to point us in the right direction. In the mean time, please check out the AD9398 Design…

  • RE: AD9398 and ADV7393 with HDMI YCbCr 4:2:2 Input


    My first question needs to be how are the pixel bits mapped from the AD9398 to the ADV7393.

    You said RGB works so AD9398 is outputting per table Table 10 4:4:4 mode and mapped to ADV7393 to Table 36 input mode 000, 16 bit  using only RGB in 565…

  • AD9398 Eval Board

    I know AD9398 is NRND (thanks for all your help DaveD), but really is the right part for my client's needs, so can anyone tell me exactly what we get if we buy an Eval Board, in terms of schematic, layout, reference design, register settings, etc.…

  • RE: ADV7612 force EDID reading

    Forgot to mention that the other capture is using the AD9398 chipset.

  • RE: How to use AD9398 with external HDCP key

    Okay - so it appears that you have an existing PCB design that you can not change.  So you need pin-for-pin compatibility with AD9398.  Is it correct?

    Have you considered AD9381?  It is pin-for-pin compatible with AD9398 but has internal HDCP keys.


  • AD9398 and MCLKIN (external audio clock)


    In datesheet for AD9398 hasn't found the information in what parity there is a frequency on MCLKIN: 128*Fs, 256*Fs.... And whether it is possible to adjust it?


    Possibility to use external MCLK is realized? In AD9398/AD9381 reference design…