• RE: jitter be found at AD9880 output Hsync pin

    Hi William,

    Can you ensure that the customer is using the following TMDS PLL settings:

    Register Setting Comment
    0x4D 0x3B ADI Recommended Write
    0x4E 0x6D ADI Recommended…
  • RE: Improving signal strength on AD9880


    We were able to set the TMDS registers in the AD9880, these are not documented in the datasheets, however we had found the following information from AD to be very helpful

    (Note that we found setting Regs 0x53 and 0x59 to 0 instead of what…

  • Call Number:      10HIY3114

      I  am working on a project and one of the requirements is to convert digital (24bit RGB), DVI signals to Analog RGB. I couldn't find any single chip solution from Analog Devices for solution. So, i came up with a dual chip solution, basically, using…

  • AD9880/AD9380/AD9381/AD9398/AD9393 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the AD9880, AD9380, AD9381, AD9398, and AD9393 video Rx products.

    File Content
    AD9880 Product Page Link to AD9880 Product Webpage
    AD9380 Product…