• AD9396 phase noise reference plot

    There is a phase noise plot for the recommended phase noise of the external reference for the AD9363. However, there is no mention I could find of the reference frequency. So if it means a 10MH reference, that phase noise will be 20 dB better than if…

  • RE: Improving signal strength on AD9880


    We were able to set the TMDS registers in the AD9880, these are not documented in the datasheets, however we had found the following information from AD to be very helpful

    (Note that we found setting Regs 0x53 and 0x59 to 0 instead of what…

  • RE: jitter be found at AD9880 output Hsync pin

    Hi William,

    Can you ensure that the customer is using the following TMDS PLL settings:

    Register Setting Comment
    0x4D 0x3B ADI Recommended Write
    0x4E 0x6D ADI Recommended…