• AD9375 TX Only Mode creation


    I am trying to create profile for TX only (RX Off) Mode (with TX-ORX calibration). During "headless_main()" initialization it is getting failed in "MYKONOS_waitInitCals()".

    For TX Only mode, I referred the Following query (below…

  • DPD models AD9375

    I am trying to configure DPD in AD9375. In configuration tab I see that there are 4 DPD models available but some model parameters like i,j,k,lut values which are given to ADRV9029 for different PA's in the link : https://wiki.analog.com/resources…

  • AD9375 DPD using SW v5.2.2

    While testing DPD, we often get these issues:

    • There is no correction from DPD and DPD get irresponsive. When we want to check the status of the DPD by requesting mykonosDpdStatus_t, we get the error “mailbox busy”.  What are the reasons that…
  • AD9375 NCO shift


    Is there any API to shift the NCO in RX or TX mode for AD9375?

    I also use the ADRV9009, and this SOC have the API "InitRxNcoShiftCfg" to do that. is there the same for AD9375?

    Thank you in advance,

  • AD9375 OL RX to RX


    Is there any way to configure the AD9375 to use the TX OL to TX1 and RX OL to TX2 and be able to have a independent frequency on TX1 and TX2?

    Thank you in advance,

  • ad9375

    hi, i downloaded the image 2019_2, i use 9371 and 706, i use the default profile without changes, 
    when the system starts, there are errors in the jesd204 interface, it constantly starts switching,
    what could be the problem
  • AD9375 Sampling rate issue


    I am using ADRV9375 with ZC706 and using 2019R2 version of HDL and No-OS application.

    I want to change My Tx IQ rate to 122.88MSPS, in No-OS application default it is set to 245.76MSPS when I configured Tx IQ rate to 122.88MSPS JESD lane is getting…

  • Spur in AD9375 TX output spectrum


    We are using AD9375 powered by LTM4644 switching regulator. Schematic of transceiver and power regulators is attached.

    In the TX spectrum of AD9375 we are observing spur at 25KHz offset from the any fundamental frequency we generate.

    We have probed…