• AD9375 - AMI Model

    Kindly provide me the AMI Model of AD9375 for SI Analysis

  • AD9375 Power Sequence

    As per Data Sheet of AD9375, Power Sequencing as follows:

        1. VDIG ,   VDDA_1P3 (Both at same time or VDIG must power up first)

        2 .VDDA_3P3, VDDA_1P8, and JESD_VTT_DES

        3. VDD_IF supply can power up at any time

    As per this, Is it recommended to power…

  • ad9371/ad9375

    hello, I need your help, I can't initialize ad9375, I'm using the adi 2019_2 image, the zc706 and adrv9375 debugging board with vcxo 80 MHz revision, I found similar questions on the forum, but the GUI filters wizard problems are mentioned everywhere…

  • AD9375 SI Analysis Query


    We are planning to do SI Analysis for AD9375 Clock and SERDES lines. I have downloaded design packages for AD9375 available in analog device website. 


    We are not able to find…

  • AD9375 Power 100uF Decaps Query


    We are designing power section of AD9375.

    Query 1:  As per the attached image(highlighted) from User Guide, it suggests to have two 100uF Capacitors. Can you please let us know whether these two 100uF Decoupling capacitors are suggested for AD9375…

  • BALUN Selection for AD9375


    We are designing our board using AD9375 modules with 4.4 to 5GHz Tx & Rx operating frequencies. 

    Evaluation board uses wideband BALUN TCM1-83X+ which can be used for 10 to 8000 MHz. We checked for other BALUNs with similar spec/performance and…

  • AD9375 Selection

    Dear AD Support,

    We have requirement of 4 Receive running at 122.88 MSPS IQ sampling and 2 Observation channels running at 245.76 MSPS. Can this requirement be met with 2 AD9375 devices. we have planned to use 2 RX and 1 Observation per device. As both…

  • AD9375 Clocking

    We are using 4 AD9375 devices on our custom board for below outputs and inputs. All 4 devices are connected to single Zynq Ultra scale + MPSOC. Please provide the clocking approach and clock device for connecting all 4 AD9375 and Zynq device

    • 4 No’s of…
  • AD9375 Power Supply Recommendation

    Hello All,

    We are designing our board using 4 AD9375 Modules & Zynq MPSoC.

    1. Can we have common regulators for all the 4 AD9375 Modules(shared Voltage rails for all the 4 AD9375 IC modules) . Should we dedicated regulators for each AD9375 ICs ?


  • AD9375 Sampling Clock 245.76MHz using 122.88MHz

    Hello Support Community,

    I am starting my design with AD9375 Module with my requirements specifications as follows:

    Tx Sampling : 245.76MSPS

    ORx sampling Rate : 122.88MSPS

    Can I use Device Clock of 122.88MHz for this specification ?

    Can Internal Clock…