• Request for clarification about I2C parts in AD9371 kit for custom boards


    We are designing a custom board with AD9371. It will not have Ethernet port. So, we do not intend to connect it via TES. Could you let us know if the I2C interface parts AD7291 and EPROM are required for the configuration of AD9371 in any way or can…

  • RE: AD9371 HDL Reference Design  Files for ZCU102

    Hi Dragos:

      Checking my Linux boot logs, I notice there is an issue with mismatching ILAS with MyKonos:

    [ 7.944273] ad9371 spi32766.0: ad9371_probe : enter
    [ 9.031602] random: crng init done
    [ 15.783944] ad9371 spi32766.0: framerStatus (0x0)
    [ 15.788618…

  • Sampling rate change

    Hi all, I very new to AD9371.  I want to change DAC sampling rate of AD9371. How i have to proceed. If any documentation please guide me.

  • How to bypass FIR filters in AD9371?


    My customer are designing new FIR filter (in FPGA) because FIR performance in AD9371 doesn’t meet their repeater requirement.

    For this , they wants to bypass FIR filters in AD9371 like below picture


    1.  - They want to bypass TFIR…

  • Could not update the AD9371 filter profile


    I am trying to update the filter profile of 20/100/40  with MATLAB Profile Generator for AD9371 [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    generated profile files which is attached.

    but am getting the error like

    [  208.859644] ad9371 spi1.0: deframerStatus (0x21)

  • RE: ADD ip in axi_9371 reference HDL block


    Your HDL changes look good.

    I see you have multiple questions/threads opened with the same issues.
    Please try not to duplicate questions, it will be harder for everyone to keep track of the problems and solutions.