• What's Vicm of AD9371 LVDS inputs?

    What is the common mode voltage (Vcm) range of the SYSREF & SYNCIN inputs on the AD9371?  Pg 8 of the datasheet specifies the SYSREF & SYNCIN Input voltage Min=825mV & Max=1675mV.  Using Differential Threshold voltages of +/-100mV results in…

  • RE: AD9371 SPI Problem

    Otherwise, I confirm that the ad9371 reset is high using scope while configuring ad9371 spi. We haven't put a pull-up resistor with reset but it should be pulled up by fpga gpio before ad9371 initialize.

  • RE: ZC706 with AD9371

    Are you matching TX and RX rates for AD9371? What profile are you using for AD9371?


  • How to bypass FIR filters in AD9371?


    My customer are designing new FIR filter (in FPGA) because FIR performance in AD9371 doesn’t meet their repeater requirement.

    For this , they wants to bypass FIR filters in AD9371 like below picture


    1.  - They want to bypass TFIR…

  • ADALM-Pluto: How to change settings with quick settling


    One of our users of the ADALM-Pluto is applying it in labs for their communication course. Extending on the possibilities in the lab, they want to change the settings of the receiver quickly. Using GNURadio they encounter 1 sec stall / blank time…