• Digital Repeater AD9371


    I want to know details of AD9371 to utilize in Digital Repeater functionality without using FPGA. how to connect the JESD204B Tx and Rx to make it function properly.

  • AD9371+ZCU102 build error

    I am using a ZCU102 board with a AD9371 card and the hdl_2019_R2 and meta-adi 2019_R2,  Petalinix 2019.1.

    I followed the instructions "github.com/.../README.md" to build the project.

    When I build the project the following errors occur:

  • creating devicetree for ad9371 and zc706 design

    i have been trying to build the ad9371 and zc706 examples included in the GitHub repository mentioned in the following link


    I have been facing many issues when I try to build the files manually, especially…

  • AD9371 Linux image is not booting

    I am using the zc706 evaluation board along with ad9371 rf transceiver. I used the git repository 

     git clone git@github.com:analogdevicesinc/hdl.git to download the design related to ad9371 and zc706. after successfully building the project i created…
  • RX gain and RX attenuation of ad9371 API settings


    Can anyone explain the rx gain and attenuation settings with example, how will affect the gain table values 

  • AD9371 SD Card

    Customer is looking at AD9371 evaluation board and in its travel between different engineers they seemed to have lost the SD card, is it possible to get replacement SD card or a link from where to  download the files? Thanks. 

  • AD9371 FilterWizard can't be downloaded,The Link seems broken

    AD9371 FilterWizard can't be downloaded,The Link seems broken.

    When I am trying to download AD9371 FilterWizard from the following link:


  • AD9371 ref design and data offload


    I am looking for using this sync script made for AD9081 on the AD9371 ref design with OBS RX : https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/pyadi-iio/blob/master/examples/ad9081_sync_start_example.py

    I added the offload Rx and Tx modules in the block design…

  • AD9371 Evaluation Board  VCXO selection

    On-board VCXO modification

              The AD9371 evaluation board contains an on-board VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator) as well as the AD9528 chip responsible for the device clock and SYSREF signal generation and distribution. With the hardware configuration…

  • make build error in git cloned repository for ad9371

    I am trying to build the git cloned repository for ad9371. link for the repository is given below

    git clone https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/hdl.git

    link for HDL environment build

    Building HDL [Analog Devices Wiki]

    after I follow all the steps as per…