• AD9371: Configuring AD9371 via drivers

    Hello Team,

                   Please let me know if approach is correct.

    I have Xilinx ZC706 and AD9371 evk board. I want to configure ad9371 for following parameters.


    Tx/Tx Synthesis/
    Rx Bandwidth (MHz)
    Tx Input
    Rate (MSPS)
  • Triggered capture with AD9371 with modified AD9371 HDL

    Hi, I am trying to do wifi capture (packetized) using the 2016_R2 branch for AD9371. I have successfully done so with baremetal and I now want to do it in linux. The modified hdl looks like

    ad9371_core -> wifi_module -> rx_dma

    where the sync transter…

  • AD9371: Lane To Lane Latency In Two AD9371

    Hi All,

    I am seeing lane to lane latency in two ad9371.

    We are using two AD9371 and single AD9528. The sysref is n-shot with level high.

    AD9528 Sysref Conf

     /* SYSREF config*/
            adi,sysref-src = <0x2>;             /* SYSREF_SRC_INTERNAL*/

  • RE: AD9371 no-OS IIO

    I just checked the no-OS master branch with the 2019_R2 hdl for ad9371+zc706.

    The capture feature seems to be working. (See screenshot below, without anything connected on the rx paths).

    Try to get the latest master branch, and perform a clean build…

  • AD9371 filter wizard and AD9371 EVB TES filter coefficients issue

    Hi all:

     I use AD9371 filter wizard  and AD9371 evb TES to generate the same TX path configuration

    EX.:Tx 20/100MHz IQ rate 122.88 SPS DEC5 , but obtain two different filter  coefficients

    Which filter  coefficients is the best one?

    Thanks a lot~

  • Calibration Errors in AD9371 in Custom Arria10 and AD9371 Board

    In the custom board, the ObRx are left open and SnRx are grounded. The JESD IP used is altera

    With the cal mask of 7DFF, the error in calibration in the console is

    Error in cmdStatByte:e

    ERROR: 352: MYKONOS_waitArmCmdStatus() exited due to ARM error…

  • AD9371 bandwidth setting


    Struct mykonosTxProfile_t has two members about bandwidth, primarySigBandwidth_Hz and rfBandwidth_Hz. What are the meanings of these two members?

    And in AD9371 Evaluation software, there is only 3 profiles(20/100MHz, 75/200MHz, 100/250MHz). If I want…

  • AD9371 and an XC7Z045 FFG676 design without using AD9371 and the ZC706 evaluation boards


    We are working on a design that has an AD9371 and an XC7Z045 FFG676. And we are wondering whether we have to get an AD9371 and the ZC706 evaluation boards to bring up our design.

    Is it possible just to a C for driving the AD9371, JESD204B and…

  • RE: AD9371 no-OS IIO Oscilloscope Question

    Hello Lao wang,

    1. I would suggest that you have a look at:


    The frequency domain should work, since you are already able to see samples in the time domain. Most probably…