• AD9364 TX Power Monitor One-Shot Mode

    Can the TX Power Monitor function in the AD9364 be used in one-shot mode? The reference manual describes continuous vs. one shot mode. The linux driver C code defines a bit to enable/disable the one-shot mode. But the documentation says that the enable…

  • AD9364 - Transmitting constant data in TDD Mode, Dual-Port, SDR, CMOS

    I am using the following setup:

    • Zedboard
    • FMCOMMS4
    • HDL 2019_r2 Reference Design, NO-OS 2019_r2

    My goal is to transmit data in Dual-port, Half-duplex mode, SDR using CMOS drivers. I am starting by trying to transmit a constant value on ports P1 and P0…

  • ad9364 ENSM can't enter RX state?


       My AD9364 configurations are as below:

      1. TDD mode (0x013=0x00)

      2. To Alert = 1 (0x014=0x1D)

      3. txnrx and Enable(level) by pin control. (0x015=08 or 0x0c)

     After initial config done, the ENSM enter ALERT state. The reg 0x017=0x15.  I set TXNRX…

  • RE: AD9364 TX Power Monitor operation and duration calculation question

    I am using a modulated signal.

    I am relying on changes in the TX RSSI register in order to measure when an update happens (I can't specifically measure the delay or duration separately).
    The result of my testing is basically what I already mentioned…

  • digital filter ad9364

    I wanted to know if digitals could help me by giving me some theoretical material
    to help me understand the operation of the AD9364 filters.
    Since I read the AD9364 reference manual and I can't quite understand how they work. Thank you, Nicole…
  • RE: AD9364 register access using SPI

    Are you suggesting that it's possible to develop control system for the AD9364 (using the FMCOMMS4 and a supported FPGA) with custom digital logic, just basing the behavior on the no-os drivers?

    I've been interested in doing this, but have really…

  • AD9364 & AD9361 drop in design

    Hi, We need to use AD9364 on the PCB designed for AD9361. Could you please suggest the design considerations/Precautions for this.

  • Max rate of changing LO in ad9364

    Hi ,

    Just wanted to know if there are any limit on the rate at which i can switch the LO output? Will it harm the device if i change it at every 2msec?

    Thank you.

  • AD9364 No OS software

    Hi All,

    I would like to know if there is available an No OS firmware available for AD9364.

    I have found on the web all kind of code, comments and stuff related but nothing like a project for know board like ZC702/ZC706 with the complete project example…

  • Phase coherency and common PLL using Tx 1 and Tx monitor in AD9364

    Hi AD Support,

    After scouring the Q&A forums regarding the matter of phase coherency between Tx and Rx channels I would like to confirm/clarify the following aspecs.

    Setup:I have an ADRV9364-ZC7020 + PicoZed setup with internal reference clock.