• RE: AD9364 1r1t tx not correct

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  • AD9364 Connection with Raspberry PI


    I consider to connect the AD9364, placed on a custom made board with Raspberry Pi 4 in the following way:

    1. Raspberry PI SPI interface will be used for communication with AD9364

    2. Raspberry PI GPIO pins will be connected to the AD9364 GPIO pins…

  • Zedboard & AD9364 DAC_DMA_EXAMPLE: axi_dac_set_datasel kills Tx

    For reference, here is my setup:

    • No-OS branch: master
    • No-OS project: ad9361
    • HDL Branch: 2019_R2
    • HDL project: fmaomms2/zed

    Here are my Init_Param settings. Note that I've changed the Tx LO to 2.2GHz and am transmitting from TxB (tx_rf_port_input_select…

  • AD9364


    I am just a beginner, I wanted to know how to program your IC-AD9364?
    is it done only with evaluation boards/ kits only?

    Like I have seen how the SPI interfacing works... but how to give the commands to the IC?

    when I searched it was showing to use…

  • AD9364 Firmware running on HW reset

    I am using the following system:

    • Xilinx ZC706 FPGA
    • FMCOMMS4 Daughter Card
    • FMC breakout board (to monitor SPI traffic while firmware is running)

    I have been monitoring the SPI traffic and trying to match the SPI register accesses to ADI's no-OS firmware…

  • AD9364 TX Power Monitor One-Shot Mode

    Can the TX Power Monitor function in the AD9364 be used in one-shot mode? The reference manual describes continuous vs. one shot mode. The linux driver C code defines a bit to enable/disable the one-shot mode. But the documentation says that the enable…

  • AD9364 - Transmitting constant data in TDD Mode, Dual-Port, SDR, CMOS

    I am using the following setup:

    • Zedboard
    • FMCOMMS4
    • HDL 2019_r2 Reference Design, NO-OS 2019_r2

    My goal is to transmit data in Dual-port, Half-duplex mode, SDR using CMOS drivers. I am starting by trying to transmit a constant value on ports P1 and P0…

  • ad9364 ENSM can't enter RX state?


       My AD9364 configurations are as below:

      1. TDD mode (0x013=0x00)

      2. To Alert = 1 (0x014=0x1D)

      3. txnrx and Enable(level) by pin control. (0x015=08 or 0x0c)

     After initial config done, the ENSM enter ALERT state. The reg 0x017=0x15.  I set TXNRX…

  • AD9364 TX Power Monitor operation and duration calculation question

    TX Mon operation (continuous mode):
    Can you confirm that TX Mon operation in continuous mode is as follows:
    - TX Mon delay counter starts after ENSM enters TX state (given that level threshold is either…

  • Max rate of changing LO in ad9364

    Hi ,

    Just wanted to know if there are any limit on the rate at which i can switch the LO output? Will it harm the device if i change it at every 2msec?

    Thank you.