• RE: AD9364 CMOS mode interface


    CMOS in half duplex is not supported by the reference design. RX ports can only be used as inputs and TX ports can only be used as outputs, from the FPGA perspective.



  • AD9364

    I have 3 questions on AD9364: 1) What is the group delay variation of RX chain across whole AGC range and RF input frequency range? 2) When AD9364 RX is driven by external LO, what is required power level of external LO? 3) If two AD9364 are in multichip…

  • AD9364/61


    I am using AGC fast attach mode, But I want That AGC should start as per given external time Interrupt and should stop as per Time interrupt irrespective of gain locked or not. 

    Is it possible? 

    if possible what are the pins can be used for start and…

  • AD9364 CMOS line length matching requirement

    We are making a new board with AD9364. We are following the ADALM pluto reference design. We have seen special patterns on the CMOS data lines. Is it for length matching? What is the criteria for it? What is the maximum length permitted in CMOS mode?…

  • ad9364

    How to use a uC like MSP430 with SPI to program the AD9364 or AD9361?
  • AD9364 functions

    I was reading at AD9364 refererence manual about some functions like 





    and more.... 

    but where i can found it ? 

    We are going to work: FMCOMMS4 , zedboard and…

  • ad9364

    Hello,i'm searching RF ICs for my project,and i'm very interested to ad9364 and I want to know the RX sensitivity, the TX power,and the range of AD-FMCOMMS4-EBZ.

    The other question is the data rates,i've read the datasheet,and i've konwn the…

  • DDS-Core-LPC Init for AD9364

    The script here (https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/rfsom-box-gui/blob/master/tun_tap/restart_modem_gui.sh#L68) configures the AD9361 and the DDS-Core for TX. On the ADRV9364, the last two register writes fail. Should anything be altered in order to…

  • AD9364

    Our customer is evaluating AD9364 to use  Rx side only. Is it possible to disable full transmission path if it is how can it be done ?

  •   AD9364

    Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!!

    AD9364: Is it possible to switch between tx mode or rx mode by clearing or setting the bit of register .Tx enable and filter control register(0x002) and Rx enable filter control register.(0x003).