• Execution Configuration of AD9364

    We are in the process of configuring the AD9364 from the external processor board (Beaglebone Black)

    The configuration and setup code on External processor board(BBB) will configure ad9364 board using SPI.

    Ad9364 board consist of Artix 7 FPGA and ad…

  • AD9364 questions

    AD9364 questions:

    1. Which sections of the TX chain is powered down when the transceiver is operating in FDD independent mode (ENABLE high,TXNRX low)? TxDAC only?
    2. Which sections of the TX chain is powered down when bit D0 in register 0x057 is set?
    3. Which…
  • RE: AD9364 No-OS drivers

    hi,Dragos, the initial error of ad9364 is caused by the Project ID, the chip AD9361 is same with AD9364?



  • RE: Power Consumption for AD9361 in SISO mode

    AD9364 is a SISO version of AD9361 2x2 MIMO. Please refer to the AD9364 datasheet specification tables for AD9361 SISO mode of operation.

  • RE: AD9361 in 1rx1tx mode vs AD9364

    AD9364 is a 1x1 version of AD9361 (that is 2x2).

    AD9361 in 1x1 should have the same power consumption as AD9364.

  • RE: Porting ad9361 driver to other ARM processors

    Does the GUI auto detect how many ad9364s are connected? How will we use one GUI to access all AD9364s?

  • AD9364 datasheet and ADC questions

    1. Can I get a complete datasheet for the AD9364?

    2. What are the sample rates for the ADC on the AD9364?

  • DAC and ADC Channel signal strength in ad9361 hdl IP


    We are working on a design for two ad9364's and we want to achieve interchip loopback. Rx data from one ad364 to be fed to TX of the second ad9364. We are using fmcomms5 design as reference for Virtex7 Vivado design.

    Test condition 1: 


  • AD9361/AD9364 pin compatability

    I was wanting to find out if the AD9364 can be used in a pin-to-pin compatible configuration with the AD9361.

    Initial layout was targeted using the AD9361 but we are now going with the AD9364. However with the AD9364 pins A1, A2 and
    few others are VSSA…

  • RE: AD9364 Low Noise Power Solution

    Question moved to Design Support AD9361/AD9363/AD9364 forum.