• AD9364 calibration timeout


    We come across an issue and we find the calibration error following: 


    Base Address is 0xE0006000.SPI INIT!

    Calibration TIMEOUT (0x5E, 0x80)

    Calibration TIMEOUT (0x244, 0x80)

  • Bandwidth problem - A9361/AD9364


    I  use AD9361 & AD9634, only for transmission.

    With both components I encountered the following problem:

    Determining tx bandwidth using the appropriate function - does not work.

    I work at a transmission baud rate of 2MS, and I want to set bandwidth…

  • SDR Pluto with AD9364


    I am looking to purchase an SDR Pluto. I would like one with the AD9364 chip so I can output up to 6 GHz. The only Plutos I can see are the AD9363 version and the only go up to 3.8 GHz.

    Can you advise how I can purchase a AD9364 version. 

    Many thanks…

  • AD9364


    I am just a beginner, I wanted to know how to program your IC-AD9364?
    is it done only with evaluation boards/ kits only?

    Like I have seen how the SPI interfacing works... but how to give the commands to the IC?

    when I searched it was showing to use…

  • AD9364 & AD9361 drop in design

    Hi, We need to use AD9364 on the PCB designed for AD9361. Could you please suggest the design considerations/Precautions for this.

  • AD9364 No OS software

    Hi All,

    I would like to know if there is available an No OS firmware available for AD9364.

    I have found on the web all kind of code, comments and stuff related but nothing like a project for know board like ZC702/ZC706 with the complete project example…

  • AD9364 single-ended operation

    I have two questions:

    1. Where can I find more details on AD9364 single-ended operation for RX? Basically I am looking for schematics for this.

    2. Can TX ports also be used in single-ended operation?

    Thank you

  • RE: AD9364 Supply Issues

    The issue is that we are getting 1.8V on these nets instead of 1.3V. We have not programmed the device yet. What issues can we face because of this? Would it be programmable or what can be the performance issue because of this, that we should be made…

  • AD9364 fast lock profile for frequency hoping through FPGA


    I have implemented Frequency hopping in AD9364 through DSP and it is working. Now Because of some reason i wanted to shift FAST LOCK PROFILE writing through FPGA but Initial  AD9364 configuration is doing by DSP and after that DSP giving the control…

  • digital filter ad9364

    I wanted to know if digitals could help me by giving me some theoretical material
    to help me understand the operation of the AD9364 filters.
    Since I read the AD9364 reference manual and I can't quite understand how they work. Thank you, Nicole…