• RE: RF phase synchronization in FDD

    For FDD , you need an additional hardware which can transmit and receive. For example one AD9364. If F1 is the Tx frequency and F2 is the Rx frequency , the AD9364 Rx needs to be configured to F1 frequency and all the Tx needs to be routed to same Ad9364…

  • Are the AD9361 and AD9364 drop-in interchangeable (except for no RX2 in the AD9364)?

    Are the AD9361 and AD9364 drop-in interchangeable (except for no RX2 in the AD9364)?

  • RE: Simulink ZC702 AD9364 fmcomms4-ebz

    Hi David,

    The AD9364 works with the AD9361 Simulink block and config file, there is no need for any change.

    Renaming the config file to ad9364.cfg and changing the device name in the Simulink block properties dialog to ad9364 will cause the Simulink…

  • Configuring AD9364 using ADSP-BF537 using NO-OS drivers

    I want to configure AD9364 using ADSP-BF537 using NO-OS drivers. Is it recommended to use any specific processor for AD9364. Does someone faced any issue while configuring AD9364 using ADSP-537.

    Does someone have experience of configuring AD9364 using…

  • ADS model for AD9364.

    Hi,I am perry, i am new to AD9364.Can you provide ADS model for AD9364. i am going to use AD9364 model for our RF transceiver design, Can you provide s parameter value for AD9364?.and i want to know the source and load impedance value of AD9364.



  • what is suitable ad9364 HDL branch for digilent zedboard

    i want use AD9364 with Digilent Zedboard REV D.2 and NO-OS.my vivado version is 2017.3

    what is suitable ad9364 HDL branch for it?

    what is suitable ad9364 NO-OS branch for it?

  • RE: Can I drive Multiple BBP using AD9364?

    AD9364 is an Agile transceiver which gives RF to bits. AD9364 is Direct conversion architecture and output of AD9364 is in digital form.

    Can you give more details on why you want to connect multiple BBP?

  • Regarding porting guide for AD9364 to android kitkat

    We have ported android kitkat (linux kernel version- 3.0.35) on imx.6 solo processor.  The spi lines are coming from processor to ad9364.  I need to configure the ad9364 through SPI.
    So the queries goes like this:
    1) How do I integrate the ad9364 driver…