• AD9364/AD9363 power supply problem


     We designed a transceiver board with both AD9363 and AD9364 transceiver chips. Currently, we are facing 1.3V power supply problem with both AD9363 and AD9363.

    In the attachment, RX line-up, LDOs and power supply schematics are provided as a reference…

  • AD9363杂散问题






  • save transceiver battery in pluto sdr ad9363

    Hello good day,
    I am looking for a possible solution to be able to keep the transceiver of a pluto sdr ad9363 in sleep mode at a certain moment and in this way achieve battery savings.
    Or would you have any extra recommendations to lower energy consumption…

  • Configuration of AD9363 with SAM Controller


    We are working on AD9363. I would like to ask configuration of AD9363 with SAM Controller and it is quite urgent.


  • AD9363 Auxiliary DAC settling time.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    What is the settling time value for AD9363 auxiliary DAC's - B3 and C3 pins?

    When the DAC output changes from minimum output (0.5V) to maximum output (3V).

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    Warm Regards


  • AD9363 S parameter Files


    I found the s parameter files for the AD9363 here: https://ez.analog.com/wide-band-rf-transceivers/design-support/w/documents/10072/general-rf-front-end-matching-methodology

    It is a bit unclear to me how these s parameters were taken. See questions…

  • Using TxLO for RX on AD9363

    Hi support team,

    I would like to run the RX downconverter with the TX LO in an application where TX and RX must run from exactly the same clock. Not just same frequency, but also same phase and same phase modulation / phase noise to the extent possible…

  • RE: AD9363,the power control resolution is not qualified 0.25dB.

    Please donot post queries under answered threads as that might get ignored. Please post a new thread with the below details;

    How much variation in TX attenuation are you seeing with input power level? Till what input power level are you seeing a linear…

  • AD9363 custom board question,about AD9363 connect to zynq error

    I have made a custom board which used with zynq7010-clg400 and ad9363.Its hardware schematic diagram (detaild in  attachment pdf) based on  pluto-sdr(linked here).And its firmware is also based on  pluto-sdr (linked here).I have modified the system_constr…

  • ad9363 the document indicates the testing frequency of 6ghz

    comparing the documents AD9361 Reference Manual UG-570.pdf as well as AD9363-Reference-Manual-UG-1040.pdf found that the RF tested are identical.

    I want to understand, did you do CTRL + C and CTRL + V or the documents are up-to-date and the chips have…