• AD9363


  • ad9363 init problem in cold condition.


    We have a device that has ad9363 and ad9364. If we power up the device, ad9363 cannot be initialized between -40° and -30° degrees. After 3-5 min of power up, ad9363 can be initialized succesfully. if we work the device in 0°, then we decrease…

  • ADALM-PLUTO : Why do you use 2 oscillators ?

    PLUTO board uses 2 oscillators : crystal 40MHz for AD9363 and mems 33.333MHz for Zynq.

    The crystal oscillator is required for best RF performances of AD9363.

    What is the need of the 2nd oscillator 33.333MHz ? Are there any limitations on the Zynq clock…

  • AD9363 has no output in the fast lock mode?


           My AD9363 wrok in   fast lock mode.We have a problem.

          When my ouput  frequency  is 600Mhz  to  740Mhz, the VCO ‘frequency is    9.6Ghz   to  11.84  Ghz     .hopping  is  OK. all is  ok

          When my ouput  frequency  is 750Mhz  to  890Mhz, the VCO ‘frequency is…

  • RE: About the operation when not following the recommended power supply sequence of the AD9363

    If not following the recommended power supply sequence of the AD9363, is there a possibility that the power supply state of the AD9363 will be short-circuited?

    Even if not following the recommended power supply sequence of the AD9363, will it return…

  • ad9363 user manual


    i can not find ad9363 user manual. is it the same with ad9361? if i already have the source code that support ad9361 does it support ad9363 too?

  • RE: Adalm Pluto AD9363 build in but referring to AD9363

    AD9363 is really within the AD9361 family. AD9361 came first. AD9363 is really just a feature trimmed, cost optimzed version of the AD9361. 99% of the doc applies to both. The same driver and HDL is used on both.


  • RE: ACPR of the AD9363 Transceiver

    Hi, In those figures the bandwidth was 10MHz and 20 MHz , ACLR was only 50 dBc approximately.  Is it possible to get the more detailed ACLR data of AD9363 chip for lower bandwidth? I need to know is it possible to achieve 60dBc ACLR?  The ACLR number  for…

  • RE: is it possible to start the ADC process on the ADALM-PLUTO with an external trigger?

    It depends on how synchronized you want things to be. Technically you could trigger a DMA capture with modifications to the HDL on Pluto with external sources from the GPIO. However, even having multiple AD9363s (transceiver inside Pluto) on the same…

  • RX Sensitivity degradation with AD9363 vs AD9361


    For one of my customers that moved from AD9361 to AD9363 and getting lower rx sensitivity.

    Same board, same peripherals, sam management platform and interfaces.

    See table attached for the percentage of the jperf in the sensitivity test.(new rf-AD9363…