• AD9363 S parameter Files


    I found the s parameter files for the AD9363 here: https://ez.analog.com/wide-band-rf-transceivers/design-support/w/documents/10072/general-rf-front-end-matching-methodology

    It is a bit unclear to me how these s parameters were taken. See questions…

  • ad9363 the document indicates the testing frequency of 6ghz

    comparing the documents AD9361 Reference Manual UG-570.pdf as well as AD9363-Reference-Manual-UG-1040.pdf found that the RF tested are identical.

    I want to understand, did you do CTRL + C and CTRL + V or the documents are up-to-date and the chips have…

  • AD9363 custom board question,about AD9363 connect to zynq error

    I have made a custom board which used with zynq7010-clg400 and ad9363.Its hardware schematic diagram (detaild in  attachment pdf) based on  pluto-sdr(linked here).And its firmware is also based on  pluto-sdr (linked here).I have modified the system_constr…

  • win10 can't detect on my AD9363

    i used AD9363 model.
    I tried tuning for FM frequency reception, so I followed this link :
    After that, only LED1  is dim  and READY button is not lit and device manager does not recognize it.
    And, we tried…
  • AD9363 The waveform of Rx Q is abnormal

    The figure above shows that AD9363 sends I/Q data to FPGA. Peak waveform distortion,Cause Maximum gain is set. Q data should be a straight line(like I data),But actually not.

    How to solve this problem? BB DC Offset  or  RF DC Offset?

  • Can't rececive OFDM symbol using AD9363

    i want to transmit and recevie ofdm sysmbols with pluto on simullink but had diffrent result copare to witout pluto

    -without pluto and awgn channel

    set snr:30DB  (left spctrum :tx, right spectrum:rx)


    -with pluto

    this is my simulink block and setting…

  • AD9363 LVDS Voltage


    The LVDS voltage data below is from the AD9363 datasheet, with VDD_INTERFACE=1.8V

    If 2.5V is applied to VDD_INTERFACE, is the voltage data in above table still valid?

    (We're assessing to connect Xilinx Artix-7 LVDS_25 port (LVDS_1.8 is not available…

  • AD9363 AGC

    HI, Now I using AD9363, there are some questions plague me.


    1.When ad9363 works in TDD mode, what mode should AGC be configured to?SLOW OR FAST?

    2.When ad9363 works in TDD mode,is AGC GAIN keep state after RX_EN down, just as ADRV9009?


  • AD9363 receive the power of the adjacent channel

    Hi Experts:

    We have issue about AD9363ABCZ.

    We did a RX sensitivity test and the frequency which is television UHF band is between 473MHz and 695MHz, and the bandwidth of the TV channel is 6M.

    We found that when the uplink frequency is 533MHz, AD9363 can…

  • AD9363: xo_correction precision

    For a special application using an ADALM-Pluto, I'd like to calibrate the Pluto's crystal oscillator in real-time. I'm currently using

    iio_device_attr_write_longlong(dev, "xo_correction", value)
    in my application running on the Pluto…