• RE: Difference between AD9361 and AD9361S-CSL

    AD9361S is designed for space applications. You can use any of the chips as per your application. 

  • RE: AD9361: Driving two AD9361 IC's

    It depends on the layout (routing and distance) as well as the drive capability of your source.

    This is a system issue, not so much AD9361 issue.

  • RE: ad9361 AGC

    One difference will be the matching at these two frequencies. As the input level changes the thresholds remaining same the AGC will act differently.

    If you see the plots there is difference in average power between the two frequencies. For experiment…

  • Who can tell me the differences or relationship of ad9361-phy and cf-ad9361-lpc and cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc?

    Who can tell me the differences or relationship of ad9361-phy and cf-ad9361-lpc and cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc?

    Thank you

  • AD9361 IP Core Delay Management

    Hello all,

    My question is how can I ensure that my AD9361 IP core has specific time delay while transmitting and receiving our data? I have been receiving different clock cycles data between Rx and Tx channel when I reprogram my FPGA. Is there any suggestion…

  • AD9361 NOOS Driver issue in ad9361.c?

    The function ad9361_bbpll_set_rate() updates the BBPLL "N" registers as follows:

      ad9361_spi_write(spi, REG_INTEGER_BB_FREQ_WORD, integer);

      ad9361_spi_write(spi, REG_FRACT_BB_FREQ_WORD_3, fract);

      ad9361_spi_write(spi, REG_FRACT_BB_FREQ_WORD_2…

  • AD9361 No-OS how to use ad9361-api?

    AD9361 No-OS :

    int32_t load_enable_fir_files(struct ad9361_rf_phy *phy,
    char *tx_mat_fir_filename,
    char *rx_mat_fir_filename)
    int32_t ad9361_trx_load_enable_fir(struct ad9361_rf_phy *phy,
    AD9361_RXFIRConfig rx_fir_cfg,
    AD9361_TXFIRConfig tx_fir_cfg)

  • AD9361 and ADV7511 requirement in AD9361 API drivers


    i observed in API drivers and booting image files, i found image files with ZC702 on board ADV7511.

    Can i know whether this ADV7511 is required in ZC702 board? is it necessary to use AD9361 drivers.

    Here below i pasted link:http://wiki.analog.com…

  • RE: AD9361-Z7035 Queries,

    1. The supported images for Intel Arria and Xilinx Zynq boards as well as instructions for setting up ADI Linux distribution can be found here. 


    Analog Devices Transceiver Toolbox for MATLAB system object based API for streaming…

  • Can cf-ad9361-lpc work with AD9361 in 1rx-1tx mode?

    We are trying to write a small piece of code to record RF samples received by E310. The reference example code we use is ad9361-iiostream.c from the libiio/example. We setup the receiving stream channel for I and Q via device cf-ad9361-lpc. The code works…