• AD9361 FIR filter coeffs - how to write them on the AD9361 chip?

    I generated the coefficients for the FIR filter of RX channel.

    Explain me please how to write these coefficients into the FIR filter on the AD9361 chip?

  • Can cf-ad9361-lpc work with AD9361 in 1rx-1tx mode?

    We are trying to write a small piece of code to record RF samples received by E310. The reference example code we use is ad9361-iiostream.c from the libiio/example. We setup the receiving stream channel for I and Q via device cf-ad9361-lpc. The code works…

  • AD9361 signal distortion

    when I successfully initialized ad9361 from the driver without OS, then I turn on the BIST signal, tx LO frequency = 100 MHz, but got a distorted signal, although the previous times the signal was good, the driver settings did not change.



  • AD9361

    Can we provide a 50 Mhz reference signal to the AD9361 with the chip powered down?

  • AD9361 Custom Board Design with 4 AD9361s. Having difficulty with IDELAYCTRL

    I have a custom board with 4 AD9361s connected to 3 HP banks in a XCZU5EV.  The RX pins for a single AD9361 are not necessarily going to the same HP bank.  I have instructed my layout person to length match all RX lines from all 4 chips.  I am not sure what…

  • RE: AD9361 Sampling rate and clock

    Yes. You can generate the required profile from the matlab based filter wizard tool. The data-clk in that case would be 5.376MHz.


  • AD9361 No-Os Control LO Spurs


    We have Zynq7030  and AD9361 in our custom card.  I can succesfully initialize the AD9361 via no-os drivers and obtain no error after initialization.  XTALN pin of AD9361 is fed by an external single ended clock whose frequency is 40 MHz (can be arranged…

  • Error pushing buf -13 when use the ad9361-iiostream with AD9361 on zynq706

    Hi all,

         Very sorry to disturb you. When I run the ad9361-iiostream demo with AD9361 on the zynq706, it has an error, the print messages are:   

         * Acquiring IIO context

         * Acquiring AD9361 streaming devices

         * Configuring AD9361 for streaming

         * Acquiring…

  • [AD9361][Zedboard]如何透過matlab讀寫AD9361的Register Value?

    環境: Zedboard + AD9361, 使用LINUX



    但我不清楚如何透過matlab讀寫AD9361的Register Value