• RE: Difference between AD9361 and AD9361S-CSL

    AD9361S is designed for space applications. You can use any of the chips as per your application. 

  • ad9361 AGC

    Hello all,

    Vivado 2018.3

    SDK no-os

    ad9361 SOM

    Can someone explain to me why the AGC response is different between the 800 MHz vs the 155 MHz. The gain table in the no-os talks about 800, 2300, 5500 MHz only and I am assuming that 155 MHz will use the…

  • AD9361 Sampling rate and clock


    My requirement has sampling rates <500KHz, I would like to know the minimum and maximum sampling rate supported by 2T2R AD9361 device ?

    I have been told that clock which is given by 9361 is 4 times the datarate and I see in the existing design the…

  • RE: AD9361: Driving two AD9361 IC's

    It depends on the layout (routing and distance) as well as the drive capability of your source.

    This is a system issue, not so much AD9361 issue.

  • Who can tell me the differences or relationship of ad9361-phy and cf-ad9361-lpc and cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc?

    Who can tell me the differences or relationship of ad9361-phy and cf-ad9361-lpc and cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc?

    Thank you

  • Can cf-ad9361-lpc work with AD9361 in 1rx-1tx mode?

    We are trying to write a small piece of code to record RF samples received by E310. The reference example code we use is ad9361-iiostream.c from the libiio/example. We setup the receiving stream channel for I and Q via device cf-ad9361-lpc. The code works…

  • AD9361 NOOS Driver issue in ad9361.c?

    The function ad9361_bbpll_set_rate() updates the BBPLL "N" registers as follows:

      ad9361_spi_write(spi, REG_INTEGER_BB_FREQ_WORD, integer);

      ad9361_spi_write(spi, REG_FRACT_BB_FREQ_WORD_3, fract);

      ad9361_spi_write(spi, REG_FRACT_BB_FREQ_WORD_2…

  • Use the second Rx/Tx Channel in AD9361

    Hello, I am using a ADRV9361 in my application, basically I wanted to use two channels of AD9361 (both rx and tx). I was working with just one Rx and one Tx at this moment. Now i want to use the second rx and tx available. How can i use it ?  To configurate…

  • AD9361 No-OS how to use ad9361-api?

    AD9361 No-OS :

    int32_t load_enable_fir_files(struct ad9361_rf_phy *phy,
    char *tx_mat_fir_filename,
    char *rx_mat_fir_filename)
    int32_t ad9361_trx_load_enable_fir(struct ad9361_rf_phy *phy,
    AD9361_RXFIRConfig rx_fir_cfg,
    AD9361_TXFIRConfig tx_fir_cfg)

  • AD9361 and ADV7511 requirement in AD9361 API drivers


    i observed in API drivers and booting image files, i found image files with ZC702 on board ADV7511.

    Can i know whether this ADV7511 is required in ZC702 board? is it necessary to use AD9361 drivers.

    Here below i pasted link:http://wiki.analog.com…