• Input Signal Levels for AD9286-500EBZ

    Hi all,


    I'm trying to do SPI control for the AD9286 High speed ADC using an Arduino Uno and Labview. The outputs from the Arduino Uno are 5V for logic high and 0 for Logic Low. I saw while reviewing the schematic of AD9286-500 BZ (UG191.pdf) that the…

  • Query about EVB of AD9286-500EBZ

    Hi, there

    I used AD9286-500EBZ for testing and found that it could use XTAL as clock source. I read the user guide of AD9286 EVB - UG-191. There is part number of Y505 available for optional crystal oscillator clock source. Could you please help offer…

  • AD9286-500EBZ技术咨询



  • AD9286输入端问题


  • AD9286 EVAL Board simultanous channel issue


            We ( I)  bought the AD9286 EVAL board to use the board for simulations sampling of two RF channels @ 250 MHz / channel or single channel @ 500MHz interleaved mode. Since the ADC Data-sheet says two inputs and capable of several modes (interleaved…

  • Is there any FMC interposer or adapter for AD9286-500EBZ?


    I am quite new to this, so I apologize if I have wasted anyone's time with a silly question.

    I understand that it is possible to integrate the AD9250 Evaluation Board to the VC707 with a interposer as stated in the guide below:


  • Can the output of AD8370 be DC-coupled to the input of AD9286

    I am trying to find a variable gain amplifier for AD9286.  The variable gain amplifer should have bandwidth greater than 280MHz, DC coupled, and support +3.3V. It looks like that only AD8370 meets this requirement.  However, according to the datasheets…

  • RE: HSC-ADC-EVALDZ  Capture board

    Hi Kusanagi,

    By default, we typically populate our High-Speed ADC Eval brds using a passive single-ended to differential Analog Input path configuration. The AD9286 Eval Brd is designed to accommodate a fully differential Analog Input path but this requires…

  • RE: Ultra low skew clock distribution

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your information.

    This is a brief description of my application:

    I have 9 data acquisition modules, each of them is equipped with 4 AD9286 chips, which consists of 72 ADC channels. The clocks of those chips should be as synchronized…

  • Visual Analog FFT Logging


    We re using AD9286 with EVALCZ to capture data and do FFT analysis. We're not able to save FFT data appended to a file as it comes after the FFT using the pattern saver. Is there any way to save FFT Data to pattern saver or we have to save raw…