• AD9286 with AD9286-500EBZ

    Hello all,

    I am currently looking for a evaluation board for data acquisition. It should contain a high-speed bipolar ADC.

    The AD9286 (500 MSps, 8 Bit) seems to hit my requirements. It has a differential input with full scale voltage of 1.2 Vpp. Can…

  • RE: Configuring AD9286


    I believe we have sent you the FPGA source code for AD9286 based from this thread. The script for AD9286 - Q&A - High-Speed ADCs - EngineerZone (analog.com). May I know what are other details needed?

    You may also refer to this pager AD9286-500EBZ_UG…

  • RE: The script for AD9286

    Hi Mark,

    This is to acknowledge that I have received files over the mail and thank you for the help. 

    With regards,

  • AD9286 SPI control


    We're trying to implement SPI control for AD9286 using a Virtex 5 FPGA. The data sheet says that FF reg. must be set to 01 for a write operation. We're setting 5 SPI registers. Must this FF<-01 be sent every single time before sending an SPI instruction…

  • SPI control: Zynq & AD9286

    Hi, there

          I'm using AD9286 on zynq through FMC interface. Now I want to use spi communication to control AD9286. Here is my problem, when I send a read command to AD9286, for instance, 0x8000, I should receive 0x18 but I receive 0x800000. And I've…

  • Microblaze drivers for AD9286


    We're using an AD9286 for our DAQ applications. So, we're developing this system as a microblaze system.

    Are there any available microblaze based SPI drivers for AD9286 ? If not, can we use some other ADC's SPI driver for this IC also…

  • Design with AD9286

    Hi, I'm using the AD9286 in a new design and I have a little question about the Vref.

    I want to use the SPI comunication to control the Vref.  But do you need to put 1V on this pin or the pin need to be NC.

  • AD9286 for capturing 2ns pulses

    It was suggested to use analog filter for connecting signal to the AD (AD9286)
    converter board. My input signal has high bandwidth (500 MHz) and it is
    Gaussian pulses with 2 ns duration. I sometimes can not capture the pulses
  • AD9286 Logic Level Voltage


    I am currently using the AD9286 board. At the moment, I am just trying to measure the output voltage of each binary bit at logic '1' and logic '0'. I was able to measure, using DVM, a voltage of 1.8V for the negative bits (D0- to D7-) and 0.5V for…

  • Input Signal Levels for AD9286-500EBZ

    Hi all,


    I'm trying to do SPI control for the AD9286 High speed ADC using an Arduino Uno and Labview. The outputs from the Arduino Uno are 5V for logic high and 0 for Logic Low. I saw while reviewing the schematic of AD9286-500 BZ (UG191.pdf) that the…