• RE: AD9286 with AD9286-500EBZ

    Hi Mattijo,

    The AD9286 will accept a differential input of +/-600mVpp.  This means that each ADC input Vinx+ and Vinx- can accept an input with a peak voltage of 300mV (each ADC input would be a peak to peak of 600mV).  The input of the device is biased…

  • Can the output of AD8370 be DC-coupled to the input of AD9286

    I am trying to find a variable gain amplifier for AD9286.  The variable gain amplifer should have bandwidth greater than 280MHz, DC coupled, and support +3.3V. It looks like that only AD8370 meets this requirement.  However, according to the datasheets…

  • RE: Microblaze drivers for AD9286

    Hello Mugundhan,

    I am not familiar with the Microblaze, but the SPI timing between the AD9467 and AD9286 should be the same. So I am wondering if you can use the Microblaze spi drivers and rewrite them for the AD9286?



  • RE: Input Signal Levels for AD9286-500EBZ

    Hi Mugundhan,

    The maximum logic values for the AD9286 are given in Table 3 of the data sheet.  The CMOS input pins have a maximum input of DRVDD + 0.3V (and maximum DRVDD is 2.0V, recommended is 1.8V).  The level translator may be capable of more, but…

  • RE: HSC-ADC-EVALDZ  Capture board


    We have not developed any FPGA code for the EVALD to support the AD9286.  If you like I can supply the FPGA code for the AD9286 as a reference and you could develop your custom code for the EVALD.  If that is helpful let me know and I can send you…

  • SPI control: Zynq & AD9286

    Hi, there

          I'm using AD9286 on zynq through FMC interface. Now I want to use spi communication to control AD9286. Here is my problem, when I send a read command to AD9286, for instance, 0x8000, I should receive 0x18 but I receive 0x800000. And I've…

  • Design with AD9286

    Hi, I'm using the AD9286 in a new design and I have a little question about the Vref.

    I want to use the SPI comunication to control the Vref.  But do you need to put 1V on this pin or the pin need to be NC.

  • RE: Is there any FMC interposer or adapter for AD9286-500EBZ?


    The use of the AD9286 with the FMC interposer has not been verified at this point.  I believe it could possibly work with a few component changes on the AD9286 eval board and on the CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB board.  I will check into what component changes…

  • Query about EVB of AD9286-500EBZ

    Hi, there

    I used AD9286-500EBZ for testing and found that it could use XTAL as clock source. I read the user guide of AD9286 EVB - UG-191. There is part number of Y505 available for optional crystal oscillator clock source. Could you please help offer…

  • AD9286 for capturing 2ns pulses

    It was suggested to use analog filter for connecting signal to the AD (AD9286)
    converter board. My input signal has high bandwidth (500 MHz) and it is
    Gaussian pulses with 2 ns duration. I sometimes can not capture the pulses