• RE: AD9284 analog input span discovery

    Hi Amelie,

    Sorry for the late follow up.

    Based from the results of our evaluation board, the 1.2Vpp analog input span on the datasheet is verified and not the 1.5Vpp typo error on user guide. Please see the photo below.



  • Looking for compatible ADC to FMC interposer board for EVAL-AD9284

    Hi ,

    we want to use  EVAL-AD9284 for our development, But this eval board has  a FIFO board connector, but we have a FMC  connector.

    SO can you suggest a compatible interposer board for ADC-FMC for  EVAL-AD9284.?


    also, is AD-DAC-FMC-ADP  compatible w…

  • AD9284 LVDS common mode voltage problem

    Hi, I designed 4CH board with AD9284 ADC. Attached below is one channel with ADC driver AD4937 and AD9284 IC, but there are 3 other identical channels also. The problem Im having is output LVDS common mode voltage is low when I probe output data or clock…

  • AD9284 DemoBoard (UG-178) and question relevant to the max number of samples that is possible to acquire using VisualAnalog SW

    What is the maximum number of samples that can be acquired by VisualAnalog used
    with the AD9284-250EBZ and the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ. In the settings of the ADC
    Capture Block the maximum number of samples seems to be  8388608.


    The capture size is not…

  • Using ADA4930-1 with AD9284

    Dear all,

    I have a single-ended unipolar input signal of 0V to 5V (50 ohms source resistance) connected to the non-inverting input of the ADA4930-1.

    The ADA4930-1 is powered by single-supply 5V and has input common-mode voltage range of 0.3V to 2.8V.

  • RE: ADA4937-1 drive AD9284

    Hi Jonathan, Thank you very much!

    My customer want to detect an analog input of 0 to 5V. I doubt this AD9284 can support. If i am correct, what will be a proper stage to implement in order to use back this ADA4937+AD9284 architecture?



  • PN9 Sequence for AD9284

    Dear Forum,


    I am testing an FPGA interface to an AD9284 ADC. One of the test modes for the AD9284 is to generate a PN 9 sequence. I had tried to generate PN sequence using MATLAB. I want to verify it once.

    I have a couple of questions :

    1) Is it…

  • AD9284 Virtex 5 interface

    I'm developing a AD9284, dual channel fpga based data capture system. In this, I connect the inputs of the AD9284 to the FPGA & capture the data in the fpga fabric using IDDR instance. I'm combining the 2 outputs of the IDDR, storing in a FIFO and transmitting…

  • HSC-EVALCZ AD9284 ucf file


    I'm trying to develop an AD9284 based data catpure application using a virtex 5 board. Can someone provide me the reference ucf file for the same using HSC-EVALCZ so that I can have it as a cross-reference for my design ?

    Thank you