• AD9283: can we connect the VD and VDD (Analog And Digital power supply) pins of AD9283 together to a single 3.3V?

    For AD9283 (ADI 8-bit A/D), can I connect the analog and digital supply to a
    single +3.3V ?  That is, VD = VDD = 3.3V.


    The AD9283 can operate with a single 3.3V supply.  We recommend following the
    PCB layout design as shown in the datasheet.

  • RE: ad9283 with fpga

    yes. we recommend using an external low noise clock compared to an fpga clock. that said, the ADC is only 8-bits and the noise performance will most likely be quantization limited. you could try an fpga derived clock as an option. if the performance meets…

  • Common-mode voltage AD9283-100

    Greetings! I have what is probably a dumb question but I want to be sure. The datasheet for the AD9283 says the inputs are biased to 0.3*Vdd (approx 1 volt). I also see that there is a range of +/- 200mv. I plan on driving this ADC with AD8138 (single…

  • AD9283-100 reference voltage


    I am using AD9283-100 operating at 50MHz. Ian using internal reference. I am always getting output code as all zeros. When I monitored the Vref at Pin 2 and Pin 3 shorted to ground I am getting 1.82V instead of specified 1.25V. what could be the…

  • AD9283 S-parameter

    Where can I download s-parametrs?

  • AD9283 Reference Voltage

    Please advise.
    I use AD9283.
    There is an item of "Reference Voltage" in "ANALOG INPUT" of a datasheet.(REV. C P2 )
    Does this Reference Voltage mean input of a REFIN terminal?
    Or is this description about output of a REFOUT terminal?

  • AD9283 single ended input usage


    I would like to ask about AD9283.

    AD9283 will be used with single ended input (\AIN is open). At this time, how change about Table I Output Coding (VREF=1.25V) in Datasheet?

    I suppose AIN input range change to 0V...1.25V. Then when AIN=0V, Digital…

  • problems with ad9283


    I am using 2 AD9283 in my board.

    One of them is working fine.

    In other i have some peculiar problem.

    Whatever might be the input, D6 to D0 are always identical and D7 always inverse to it.

    This happens even if the input pins are detached from…

  • RE: AD9283BRSZ-100: Can this IC convert a negative voltage at Analog input?


    The analog inputs of the AD9283 are internally biased at 0.3*Vd. Also refer to Table 1 for the output coding at default Vref.