• AD9280: 40MSPs

    We design a card with the following parameters:
    - Input: analogue VGA (RGB+HSync, VSync)
    - Output: Digital (1 or 2 bits color depth) for mono low resolution LCD.

    We use your product AD9280 at sampling rate 40MHz, but we use only 1 or 2 MSB

  • AD9280: reference span

    We want to use the AD9280ARS in a framegrapperapplication. The
    opportunity is 4k/a.
    He has some questions.

    Is it possible to make the difference inputvoltage smaller than 1Vpp, for
    example with a smaller reference etc, or is the min. inputrange…

  • AD9280: Minimum clock frequency

    I have a customer investigating the AD9280 - please could you tell me the
    lowest rated conversion frequency... and any trade-off operating at lower freq.


    We have no minimum specification on the Clock frequency.

    Datrasheet specs on SNR, SFDR and…


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  • AD9280 outputs


    I have connected AD9280 in top/bottom mode using external reference (1V) on REFTS/REFBS. The device is powered on using 5V supply. When I turn the supply on, with 1Vp-p input at AIN, I don't see output until after 131 seconds!

    I am only using 4…

  • AD9280 - 1V input at AIN pin with 0.5V offset


    I have 1V input (0.5 offset) connected to AIN pin of the AD9280. The AD9280 is connected as per Figure 18 (Internal Reference - 1 V p-p Input span Top/Bottom mode).

    Once I apply the 5V at AVDD and DRVDD, output D7 is stuck at high for about 80 seconds…

  • About  AD9280 Power Sequence


    My customers are trying to use the AD9280, and a question came for that.

    #1  5 V is applied to AVDD, 3.3 V is applied to DVDD, but is there a specification in order of turning on power? Even if

          there is a voltage difference between AVDD and DVDD…

  • About AD9280 Power Supply


    My customers were trying to use the AD9280 and I got some questions.

    #1 Is there a stipulation in the order of turning on the analog AVDD and digital DVDD by turning on power to the IC?

    #2    When analog signals that are out of the reference voltage…