• Can the AD9279-65EBZ Evalboard operate at 80MHz?

    The AD9279-65EBZ Evalboard is available and customer would like to use 80MSPs.
    Will this work by just adjusting the AD9279 to Mode III?


    Unfortunately the AD9279-65EBZ will not run at 80MHz.  The FPGA on the
    HSC-ADC-EVALCZ will not run fast enough…

  • AD9279 User Pattern 2 not emitting from device

    I am unable to receive the second user pattern 12bit word writtten to address USER_PATT2 (0x1B, 0x1C). The first word is repeated always. Am I missing something?

  • RE: AD9279-65EBZ schematic


    Apologies for delayed response.

    We will be sending on the schematic of AD9279-65EBZ to your email ad.

    I've attached it here as well.




  • AD9279 Specs. on CW.

    We are currently using AD9279 in our production of ultrasound scanners, and I am considering how to improve on CW performance for our next generation products.


    1/  I cannot find any specification on to what extend the carrier-frequency is attenuated…

  • AD9279 Without time adapted gain

    Would it be possible to use the AD9279 board's ADC functionality without the time adaption for the gain? I am not trying to use the board for ultrasound applications and would like to turn off the time adaptation; is this an option?

  • AD9279 TGC Operation


    I am working with AD9279. For using the Time Gain Compensation properly, do I need to apply a ramp signal from 0V to 1.6V at the external Gain at SMA Connector J401 based on the received signal? 

    Any suggestions, I will be grateful.

    Best Reg…

  • Which controller board to use with AD9279 eval board

    Which controller board is recommended for use with the AD9279?

    The quick start guide uses the ML605 board and EVAL-ADC-FMC-INT interposer board, however this product is now listed as obsolete and the quick start guide is mildly out of date. 

    Is there a…



    I am trying to use the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ and AD9279 to send data directly to MATLAB. As per the other forum: https://ez.analog.com/data_converters/high-speed_adcs/f/q-a/21394/hsc-adc-evaldz-and-matlab, I modified the MATLAB code to be in the directory…

  • RE: Strange memory problem in AD9279 reference design

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