• AD9276 active impedance matching

    AD9276 page 23,

  • AD9276 SSB phase noise


    My customer is considering the purchase of the AD9276 evaluation board.

    So, there was a request for the data of SSB phase noise (dBc/Hz) as consideration before purchase.

    Condition: fDAC=400MHz, fout=70M, 0dBfs

    Do you have this data, or whether…

  • AD9276 CW operation question

    Hi there,

    We are evaluating AD9276 as medical ultrasound AFE. one question related to CW demodulation architecture on page27 of datasheet need to consult experts of ADI.

    On page 27, it mentions two architecture of implementing CW sum and demodulation…

  • DC offset of the AD9276 output


    I have two questions.

    I use AD9276-80 KIT to capture ultrasound echo signals and notice different DC offsets on each channel. These DC offsets also vary with the TGC gain. I try to remove these DC offsets by setting the AAF bandpass filter between…

  • AD9674与AD9276数据采集


  • External Trigger for HSC-ADC-EVALCZ with AD9276



    I am currently using the AD9276 with the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ for a project, and I am looking to start the acquisition process using an external trigger. I have seen that there have been solutions posted on this forum for using an external trigger…

  • Collecting 8 Channels in Visual Analog (AD9276, EVALCZ)


    My lab is trying to collect 8 channels of data through the AD9276 ADC evaluation board and the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board. We created a canvas that duplicates the "samples" template 4 times, and changed the output data field in the ADC Data Capture…

  • 超声无损检测应用的 单通道AFE芯片


  • RE: AD9272/6/9 spec differences

    Hi Teodor,

    You are correct that there are power and dynamic range differences.  The AD9276 and AD9279 have integrated CW doppler demodulator while the AD9272 does not.  The AD9272 can be used with the AD8339 for
    CW Doppler processing.  Also, the AD9279…

  • RE: visual analog issue

    Sorry it is AD9276

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