• AD9272

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wonder whether the FCO signal of AD9272 and DCO signal will change with the sampling frequency.


  • ad9272


  • AD9272


    I've got some doubts regarding the AD9272 design. All my questions are on the attached schematic file.

    I would appreciate for the suggestions.

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  • AD9272

    Hello, i´m using chip AD9272, I have a question...

    I only want to use one channel, and i don´t know if i have to connect all the pins of the supply ( AVDD1 and AVDD2) or if  i can connect only some of them , that is, i´m using the channel A, so i suppose…

  • RE: AD9272/6/9 spec differences

    Hi Teodor,

    You are correct that there are power and dynamic range differences.  The AD9276 and AD9279 have integrated CW doppler demodulator while the AD9272 does not.  The AD9272 can be used with the AD8339 for
    CW Doppler processing.  Also, the AD9279…

  • RE: AD9272 DCO

    Hi Gina,

    Thanks.  We are integrating the AD9272 into our own FPGA based system.   I am firstly trying to interface the AD9272-EBZ board, when I get this working I will replace the AD9272-EBZ with a custom solution.

    Thanks, Gordon

  • Need design support files for AD9272 and AD9279 EVAL boards

    I have a customer that wants to use the AD9272 in a sonar application.  They are currently evaluating a TI solution (AFE5851), but it is not providing the desired performance level.

    They would like to connect either the AD9272 or AD9279 EVAL board to…

  • Ultrasound - AD9512/AD9272


    I'm prototyping an ultrasound scanner based on AD9272 and I've got some

    problems/questions. First, I would like to tell you some details about my project:

    1) HV TX circuitry is not assembled yet on my PCB, it will be the next step on…

  • Is there a solution to use the AD9272-65EBZ using the FMC interposer board?

    Is there a solution to use the AD9272-65EBZ using the FMC interposer board?


    The connector on the AD9272 evaluation board is compatible with the
    HSC-ADC-EVALCZ.  However, there is an interposer to translate to the Xilinx
    FPGA kits.  There…
  • RE: SPI & outputs -- AD9272


    The AD927X series of ultrasound front ends represent a very versatile solution, and  therefore require configuration through the SPI.  Without SPI programming, the part is not useable in most systems. 

    For the output data capture, we offer a reference…