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  • AD9272

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wonder whether the FCO signal of AD9272 and DCO signal will change with the sampling frequency.


  • AD9272


    I've got some doubts regarding the AD9272 design. All my questions are on the attached schematic file.

    I would appreciate for the suggestions.

    Best Regards,


  • AD9272

    Hello, i´m using chip AD9272, I have a question...

    I only want to use one channel, and i don´t know if i have to connect all the pins of the supply ( AVDD1 and AVDD2) or if  i can connect only some of them , that is, i´m using the channel A, so i suppose…

  • AD9272 DCO


    I am evaluating the AD9272, using the AD9272-EBZ evaluation board.  When I scope the DCO_P vs DCO_N I see nothing on the scope (sample interval 5ns).  I can see a 40MHz on FCO.  I have disconnected the SPI jumpers so understand that the chip should…

  • AD9272 HPF


    To calculate some values, I would like to sample low frequency (frame rate) square wave, but I find AD9272 cannot capture frequency lower than ~400Hz. Is there any way to disable high pass filter so that I can record low frequency signals?


  • AD9272 active impedance matching


    I was reading the datasheet of AD9272 and I can't understand what does it mean with "combination" of Rfb1 and Rfb2 (of Figure 38) to give an equivalent "Rfb" (in equations 1 and 2), when they talk about active impedance matching. Also, what does…

  • Ultrasound - AD9512/AD9272


    I'm prototyping an ultrasound scanner based on AD9272 and I've got some

    problems/questions. First, I would like to tell you some details about my project:

    1) HV TX circuitry is not assembled yet on my PCB, it will be the next step on…

  • AD9272 source code


    I have the AD9272 evaluation board connected to a HSC-ADC-EVALCZ, can you provide source code for the CY7C68013A used on this board?

    Also do you have FPGA code, I could not see it in ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/HSSP_SW/fpga.

    Lastly do you have any…