• AD9269 转换错误


  • AD9269 datasheet, local keyword meaning ?


    In the AD9269 datasheet, referring to the register map section, many bits settings are marked as local.

    What exactly does it mean ? The datasheet doesn't clarify it.

    Could someone give a clear explanation of the local meaning ? 



  • AD9269 output

    For our next product we look at parts selection. I have a question concerning
    There is no LVDS Data communication available, only CMOS. We are very worried
    about crosstalk of the digital CMOS lines into our sensitive analog circuitry.…

  • About AD9269 DCOA/DCOB additional jitter performance


    For the AD9269, we are interested to know the jitter performances of the output clocks DCOA and DCOB but we cannot find this information into its datasheet.

    Could someone provide this information ?



  • RE: FPGA configuration of AD9269 with Kintex 705

    Hi Dougl,

    I have AD9269,Zedboard and FMC Interposer with me.Can you help me or provide me with documentation or code to interface them.



  • AD9269 phase difference between channels


    We are using an AD9269 and we have noticed that there is a fixed phase difference between channels A and B.

    Here is a plot of the signal acquisition: the source is the same for both, and the channels polarization network as well:

    What could be…

  • AD9269 Continous programming sequence


    I need to configure an AD9269 via SPI but I am confused about the register order to program.

    The DS and AN877 show that setting the WLEN bits it is possible to set the starting instruction bytes according to the n register accessed, and then each…

  • AD9269 interfacing with KC705 FPGA

    Hello all, I have brought AD9269 module and interposal card to interface AD9269 with FMC header of Kintex KC705. I have gone through data sheet but it will be very useful if i get Verilog code to start using AD 9269. I have gone through web i didn't find…

  • AD9269调试问题

    谢谢您的解答,现在我自研的板卡上已经可以通过SPI读取到IID 01寄存器 0X75。现在我还没有模拟源,想测试一下芯片是否正常,想配置出一个测试模式 。配置0X0D 值为0X01,但是发现SPI写完之后再去读还是0X00,没配进去,是不是有什么 遗漏要检查的地方。下面是FPGA发送的写波形