• AD9268

    请问有AD9268的简单应用的原理图么  我想做一个射频板,有参考的文档么

  • AD9268


  • AD9268 input protection


    We use adl5201 as adc driver for AD9268, and ADL5201's output can reach 10Vpp, we are worrying this will breakdown the AD9268 since its maximum rate is −0.3 V to AVDD + 0.2 V. We note there are some ESD diodes in its input pins. Is this enough to…

  • AD9268 Input understanding

    I have an understanding issue with the Input stage of the AD9268.

    I am fine with the differential generation of the Input Span Vpp of 2 V

    Vcommon= 0.9V
    Vin+ = 0,9V +-0,5V
    Vin- = 0.9V -+0.5V
    This generates a 2Vpp (0V…
  • AD9268 Crosstalk @500 MHz

    Hello guys

    Do you mind what´s the AD9268 crosstalk @ 500 MHz input frequency?

    All dual ADC datasheets shows only crosstalk @100 MHz...

    thank you very much

    Best Regards

    Fernando Henrique Cardoso

    Beam Diagnostics Group (DIG)

    Brazilian Synchrotron…

  • AD9268-125EBZ + SPIcontroller Fails

    I use AD9268-125EBZ + HSC-ADC-EVALCZ + VisualAnalog + SPIcontroller.

    I've connected the All and programmed the FPGA via FFT sample in VisualAnalog. When I run the SPIcontroller, I got the error "Read Test failure, Chip ID is not known, newDUT will not proceed…

  • AD9268前端

    我现在要采集一个 +- 5V范围内变化的模拟信号的电压图形,现在准备用AD9268采集,不知道前端电路这块怎么做?


  • AD9268-125EBZ to Zedboard


    Can I connect the AD9268-125EBZ with a CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB interposer board to the Zedboard (FMC)?

    Any FPGA reference designs available?



  • SYNC input of AD9268


    In the datasheet of AD9268, sync pin is CMOS level, but in the evaluation board, the sync is AC coupled. Does this mean there is a bias voltage inside the chip?



  • AD9268 digital output termination


    I'm actually working on a design with AD9268 in CMOS output configuration and an  FPGA. The issue I'm struggling with is a statement in the datasheet of AD9268:

    "Applications requiring the ADC to driver large capacitive loads or large fanouts…