• Who has the Verilog code of ad9268?

    Only the STM32 driver code of ad9268 is available on the official website. Who has Verilog code? Send it to me for reference. Thank you.

  • AD9268

    请问有AD9268的简单应用的原理图么  我想做一个射频板,有参考的文档么

  • AD9268


  • AD9268 input protection


    We use adl5201 as adc driver for AD9268, and ADL5201's output can reach 10Vpp, we are worrying this will breakdown the AD9268 since its maximum rate is −0.3 V to AVDD + 0.2 V. We note there are some ESD diodes in its input pins. Is this enough to…

  • AD9268 Input understanding

    I have an understanding issue with the Input stage of the AD9268.

    I am fine with the differential generation of the Input Span Vpp of 2 V

    Vcommon= 0.9V
    Vin+ = 0,9V +-0,5V
    Vin- = 0.9V -+0.5V
    This generates a 2Vpp (0V – 2V) at the output…

  • AD9268 Crosstalk @500 MHz

    Hello guys

    Do you mind what´s the AD9268 crosstalk @ 500 MHz input frequency?

    All dual ADC datasheets shows only crosstalk @100 MHz...

    thank you very much

    Best Regards

    Fernando Henrique Cardoso

    Beam Diagnostics Group (DIG)

    Brazilian Synchrotron…

  • AD9268-125EBZ + SPIcontroller Fails

    I use AD9268-125EBZ + HSC-ADC-EVALCZ + VisualAnalog + SPIcontroller.

    I've connected the All and programmed the FPGA via FFT sample in VisualAnalog. When I run the SPIcontroller, I got the error "Read Test failure, Chip ID is not known, newDUT will not proceed…

  • AD9268前端

    我现在要采集一个 +- 5V范围内变化的模拟信号的电压图形,现在准备用AD9268采集,不知道前端电路这块怎么做?


  • AD9268-125EBZ to Zedboard


    Can I connect the AD9268-125EBZ with a CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB interposer board to the Zedboard (FMC)?

    Any FPGA reference designs available?