• AD9265 BIST

    Can you explain how the BIST works in the AD9265?  How do I perform it and what should I expect for a result?

  • AD9265

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using the AD9265 to acquire che digital signal, and I wonder knowing  AD9265 is double edge-triggered or single edge-triggered, could you please help clarify it..


  • AD9265 BIST Function

    I am using the AD9265-125MSPS. I would like to confirm correct operation of the
    part by using the BIST (built-in self-test) PN9 or PN23 (pseudo-random noise)
    sequence generator. Could you please document how to use this BIST?


    BIST …
  • ad9265 Input Delay

    I've been working with a ad9265 on a zed board and am having problems with the input data delays.  I'm using the ad9467 project with the device tree configured to look for the ad9265 chip.  I also ported the project to the zc706 and am still having…

  • ad9265 on Mini-ITX

    I'm trying to modify the zc706 ad9265 project to work on the Mini-ITX.  Basically, I took the mini-itx adv7511 project and ran the build script for the ad9265 board which added the ad9265 pcore, dma, and the verilog spi code.  I then changed the pins…

  • AD9265 BIST feature

    W're using your ADC AD9265, We like to use its BIST feature to verify data lines. PN9 is used to test it, The number sequence captured are 073C, 2E44, 121C, A3CE...the numbers are repeated every 511 count. I don't know if the numbers captured …

  • AD9265 input impedance



    what input resistance may I assume for the AD9265 in the range 0 to 50 MHz ? It is 6 kOhm in the datasheet, but it appears higher (almost 18 kOhm at about 15 MHz and quite variable with frequency ) from the following  Excel file(see attached plot…

  • AD9265 SPICE model



    I'm trying to design a SPICE model for the AD9265 switched-capacitor input. Are the sample capacitors (Cs in Figure 64 attached) discharged (to 0 Volt) before any new sample (track) phase or their charge starts from the voltage of the previous…

  • AD9265 offset drift?

    I am using the AD9265 at 120 MS/s, driven by ADA4937-1 connected similar to data sheet Fig 69. I am seeing offset well within specs (65 LSB = 0.1% FSR; spec = 0.25%), but offset drift about 2x specs (0.25 LSB/C = 3.8 ppm; spec = 2 ppm). Is this typical…

  • AD9265 support on UltraScale


    I'm trying to integrate ip AXI_AD9265 in a design with ZCU102.  To do this, I modified the existing ADI example project "ad9265" so that it uses zcu102.  I stripped out a few items from the bd and modified the top Verilog file up to…