• AD9265 BIST Function

    I am using the AD9265-125MSPS. I would like to confirm correct operation of the
    part by using the BIST (built-in self-test) PN9 or PN23 (pseudo-random noise)
    sequence generator. Could you please document how to use this BIST?


    BIST (built-in self…

  • AD9265 more than one part on same LVDS bus possible?

    Is it possible to connect more than one AD9265 on the same LVDS bus?


    In general, an LVDS is meant to be a point-to-point interface (i.e. only one
    driver and receiver on each link).  Adding additional loads onto the same link
    causes signal integrity…

  • AD9265: Unrecognized CHIP_ID 0x64

    I am trying to get the AD9265 to work. But I get following linux error message:

    ad9467 spi1.0: Unrecognized CHIP_ID 0x64

    Branch: 2018_r2:https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/linux/blob/2018_R2/drivers/iio/adc/ad9467.c

    This is the dtb configuration:


  • RE: AD9265 - Cannot access SPI when analog input ON.

    this is most likely a timing issue between the fpga and the spi port. this is not a chip issue. it could also point to some supply being pulled lower than normal when analog input is present, bring the ldo to dropout, causing spi comms issues. 

  • AD9265 support on UltraScale


    I'm trying to integrate ip AXI_AD9265 in a design with ZCU102.  To do this, I modified the existing ADI example project "ad9265" so that it uses zcu102.  I stripped out a few items from the bd and modified the top Verilog file up to…

  • constraints in Spartan6 for AD9265 interface

    I have an old project where an AD9265 interfaces a spartan6 FPGA (no optión to change the hw) in LVDS mode

    Recently we are experiencing problems with the interface under some temperature conditions. To be honest we have never understood correctly…

  • Verilog/VHDL for AD9265 Configuration via SPI

    I'm looking for HDL (either Verilog or VHDL) source that configures an AD9265 or similar ADC via their associated SPI port.  Ideally, the AD9265 would be configured from a block memory used as a ROM containing the SPI address and SPI data for configuring…

  • One ad9575 can driver 16 ad9265 chips simultaneously?

     My system has 16 ad9265 chips, and I want to use a differential output port of one ad9575 to driver them simultaneously. Can this be achieved?  the outputs of ad9575 are in lvds mode.

  • AD9265 输出不正常


    我现在有一个电路上采用的AD9265-105M,使用的LVDS模式,在测试过程中发现D0/D1 这一对LVDS一直为低电平。我把芯片配置为TEST模式,111 = one/zero word toggle,其余差分对都正常输出0101,只有D0/D1 没有任何变化,我测试了两个板子都是这个情况,请问这是什么问题呢?