• 7z100 with four AD9265, failed with adi axi dmac.

    I have a custom designed zynq 7z100 board,  with four AD9265 chip on it, and I create the hdl as the demo hdl, change the dts file for four channel AD9265. See design_1.pdf.

    For some implemention error, I change the ad9265 ip core, and repackage it, change…

  • AD9265

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using the AD9265 to acquire che digital signal, and I wonder knowing  AD9265 is double edge-triggered or single edge-triggered, could you please help clarify it..


  • RE: AD9467-FMC-250EBZ clock options

    Hi Idmaze,

    The ad9265-fmc-125ebz board has some commen points with mine.The default clock path is the external clock. And you can reference AD9265 Native FMC Card Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki]

    The ad9265 will be drived by the default clock…

  • 关于ada4930问题,翘尾现象!

    此电路参考ad9265参考设计中的CN0252中的电路(后端接的也是ad9265),ad9265输出vocm为0.9v,在图一AB两点输入高电平为2V 低电平为0v的100K脉冲信号,占空比为5%。在CD两点测得图二的信号,感觉信号自激了。但是电路完全按照参考设计来的,不知道哪里出了问题。

  • RE: AD9467-FMC-250EBZ Xilinx Reference Design

    Dear Istvan,

    thank you very much for your support.

    I have another question. For my project, we might move to the AD9265-FMC-125EBZ (I know there are no Reference Design for Zed(Pico)board). The reason is that, if I'm not mistaken, the minimum sampling…

  • HOW I get source code of AD9265 for FPGA on High Speed ADCevaluation board?

  • RE: AD9265-FMC missing SDK sw



    Per your instructions, I have created a bootable SD image, booted the Zedboard with the AD9265-FMC-125EBZ mounted on it.  I then ran the 'ADI Update Tools' and 'ADI Update Boot' programs.  As you indicated, '/media/analog/BOOT…

  • constraints in Spartan6 for AD9265 interface

    I have an old project where an AD9265 interfaces a spartan6 FPGA (no optión to change the hw) in LVDS mode

    Recently we are experiencing problems with the interface under some temperature conditions. To be honest we have never understood correctly…

  • RE: adi-ad9265-fmc-125ebz.dtsi file seems to be missing from most recent SD card image

    Here is the answer:

    1) Yes the .dtsi files are controlled by the Linux repository.

    2) When they are committed, they are committed to this location:  linux/arch/arm/boot/dts

    3) Branch 2014_R2 has the required file adi-ad9265-fmc-125ebz.dtsi, though…

  • AD9265的使用