• AD9262 Synchronization

    Is there any way to synchronize multiple AD9262's for phase coherent operation across multiple parts?

  • AD9262/AD9267 Replacement


    AD9262/AD9267 are not recommended for new designs with no replacements proposal. What would you recommend as CTSD ADC with similar performance?



  • AD9262 configuration example


    I am starting working on AD9262 programming. Is there any example for AD9262 configuration, such as a list of the configuration register values that need to be written to AD9262 to start it? Any mode will be fine since I will have to change the configuration…

  • AD9262 SPI programming


    I am using AD9262 together with Blackfin ADSP-BF548. The SPI port of the processor is used to connect to the serial configuration port of the ADC. I took the exact circuit used in the AD9262 evaluation board to connect ADC's SDIO/SCLK/CBS to the…

  • AD9262 unused pins


    I am using only one channel of AD9262. What should I do with the unused pins of the other channel, including the data output and the differential analog input pins? Pullup, pulldown, unconnected, grounded ... ?

    In addition, can I leave the ORA/ORB…

  • Questions on AD9262


    I have some questions the ADC AD9262

    1.  In the data sheet, on page 24, it says "When 3.3 V voltage levels are  desirable, the DRVDD power supply must be set to 3.3 V. " It looks to me  like that when the DRVDD is 3.3V, all the digital output…

  • [AD9262] ADC Stop during operation

    Thanks in advance for my question.
    I use the AD9262.
    Use according to the guidelines (Table 9.).
    The chip ID reads 0x22 well through SPI, and the value I set is well written and read.
    CLK uses 52MHz, MUX uses 25, and KMOD uses 13 to generate a DCO of…

  • Image Rejection and QEC of AD9262


    The application is an Ultra Wide-Band Direct Conversion Receiver (400MHz-6GHz) for a Spectrum Analyzer utilizing the ADL5380 and AD9262.

    The datasheet for ADL5380 states it's Image Rejection (worst-case) is -46 dB @ 3.6GHz.

    1) I am interested…

  • AD9262 How to solve start-up trouble

    Do I have to consider anything special at start-up?


    The reason for trouble at start-up can be because the digital comes up at an
    unknown state if the clock is not applied before the power supply. 

    To prevent this trouble, you can apply a digital…