• AD9261: ICVDD current spec typo in datasheet.

    I am trying to calculate the supply current(ICVDD) of AD9261 with PLL Enabled. 
    It seems there is a wide range for ICVDD  specified in the datasheet but there
    is no detailed information about it.


    It is dependent on how you configure the device…

  • Sigma Delta ADC AD9261 (AD9261-10) ringing in output signal (step response)


    I am using the Sigma Delta ADC AD9261-10 for the measurement of pulses (rise time approx. 50-300ns). All in all the ADC works really good on my PCB but there is ringing.

    The ringing occurs before and after a step/pulse. The post-ringing is something…

  • RE: AC701 not supported for FMCOMMS3?

    Okay, that is good to know.
    Which alternative non-SoC Xilinx platform do you prefer with the AD9261?

  • AD9361 RX FIR sample rate ADC_CLK/2

    AD9261 Reference Manual UG-570 contains following information:

    "The Rx FIR has two options for its sample clock, either ADC_CLK or ADC_CLK/2"

    How I can change this?

  • RE: Simulink resulting standalone binary execution on AD9361

    Hi Travis,

    I have such print statements within the "gotofile" S-Function Builder (you can see the attached photo of the model). It puts the final data within a file as well as fprintf statements as indication for correct work of the model. Eve…

  • Command line interface


    I have not been able to figure out the CLI for the AD9261/ZC706 Linux system.  Is there document specific to this I can read?  I've been able to control the radio using the IIO scope no problem but we might need a bit more access to the IC.  

  • RE: How to calculate the lock in time of internal PLL of CT ∑Δ ADC?


    I'm designing the internal pll of the AD9261 not the external pll. I'm just quite not sure about the lock-in time or settling time of pll. Please do see the figure.

    Thank you.

  • RE: AD9262 unused pins


    Using the  AD9261 would be the preferred option since this is a single version of AD9262.  However, if this is not possible, I would suggest "shorting" the analog inputs (VIN) and leaving the CMOS digital outputs open since the AD9262 does not have…