• AD9258 : SYNC Pin

    If the SYNC pin is not used, is it recommended to connect to GND? Or is it NC?

  • AD9258 & AD9122 HDL support files


    I am new to the website, sorry if my question has been answered already.

    I am designing the FPGA code that interfaces with both AD9258 ADC and AD9122 DAC chips.

    I would be grateful for any HDL files that implements the interfaces or any simulation…

  • AD9258的配置问题





  • About AD9269 and AD9258 footprint data problem

    Flowing picture is the AD9258 and AD9269 footprint data, as discribed in the datasheet, AD9258 and AD9269 is pin compatible.But, the blue circle sign in the picture,  the data may be wrong?Thanks!

  • Start-up question about your AD9258

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer asked following question for your AD9528.

    Will the register setting be set-uped automatically after power-on from external EEPROM via SPI/I2C ?
    Also the EEPROM have the default value.

    Thanks Kaos

  • Negative resistance of AD9258 in low frequency range

    Hi Analog Device Team,

    We are going to use AD9258 to design a receiver for measurement device for frequency range from 100kHz to 30 MHz. According to the S parameter sheet of AD9258, the equivalent parallel resistor has negative value when input frequency…

  • Request Schematic Review about AD9258-125 and ADA4937-1


    My customer request your confirmation about their schematic.

    They used AD9251-65 and ADA4937-1 to LTE ICS Repeater.

    But now they want to change ADC from AD9251-65 to AD9258-125.

    As you know, these two devices are pin compatible, so they want…

  • Request Schematic review with ADA4939-1 and AD9258-125


    My customer want to use ADA4939-1 and AD9258-125 at ICS repeater.

    They will use 120MSPS Smapling rate and IF band is 90MHz (with 10MHz Bandwidth).

    Would you confirm attached schematic with ADA4939-1 and AD9258-125?

    And also can this circuit…

  • Inquiry about the design of the AD9258 and the ADA4937-1


    My customer will use ADA4937-1 and AD9258 at repeater application.

    1. Input voltage range of the Vocm pin in the ADA4937-1 is min 1.2V to max 3.8V. However, the VCM output of the AD9258 is 0.9V.

        The voltage ranges between the Vocm pin and the…

  • RE: 关于AD9258/AD9251的部分数据位不输出的问题