• Driver amplifier for AD9257

    I just had a closer look at the AD9257, and found that you recommend using the
    - ADA4927-2
    - ADA4937-2
    - ADA4938-2
    as driver amplifier.

    Why do you not recommend the ADA4932-2? I like the ADA4932-2, because the dual
    package saves a lot of…

  • HSC-ADC-EVALCZ VHDL code request for AD9257


    Is there a link to the FPGA code for the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ VHDL code request for AD9257?



  • Can I directly connect Vocm of 8 ADA4932s to the Vcm output of the AD9257?


    Can I directly connect Vocm of all eight ADA4932 to the Vcm output of the
    AD9257 or do I need to buffer Vcm?


    Yes, you can connect the AD9257's Vcm pin to 8 ADA4932s. 
    As the ADA4932's VOCM input impedance is 25kOhms, driving 8 such loads in …

  • Can AD9257 be driven by ADA4945-1 ?

    I'm looking for the proper differential op driver for AD9257 (65MHz/14big/8ch). ADI recommend ADA4927, ADA4937 and ADA4938. But these ops have high power comsuption and very large bandwidth more than need.

    ADA4945-1 seems to have excellent low power…

  • AD9257 SPI issue


    I have troubles with SPI communication between AD9257 demo board and a zybo board.

    For example, I try to read the register 0x01(the chip ID) with this command, but as you can see the ADC doesn't answer...

    We check timing spec, and it is OK.


  • Proper way to drive unused channels to AD9257

    Hello, what is the proper way to drive unused channels in AD9257?

    Currently, we have them tied to ground but we are wondering if that is correct. Maybe tie to VCM?

    Thanks in advance.

  • AD9257

    1、AD9257 的CLk+,CLK-输入时钟40M的,AD9257采样速度是不是最大只有40M,如果可以设置成65M,该怎么设置?

    2、AD9257 的0xFF寄存器写入了0x01,为什么读出来的值还是0x00;,其他的寄存器可以正常写入,读取出来的数据也是正确的。

  • How to combat DC drift in the AD9257


    I see some DC-like drifting at the start of an ADC frame that looks very much like capacitive loading/ringing.  I am using the AD9257 and sampling a triggered sinusoid. We drive it with an LT6600-15 and use the 0.9 Vcm from the AD9257:

    When dumping…