• AD9257


        I would like to use the AD9257 for my FPGA Device. From the datasheet you are saying to use one supply for analog (AVDD) and one supply for digital (DRVDD) .

    Concerning the evaluation design board AD9257-65EBZ you are not providing schematics…

  • AD9257

    1、AD9257 的CLk+,CLK-输入时钟40M的,AD9257采样速度是不是最大只有40M,如果可以设置成65M,该怎么设置?

    2、AD9257 的0xFF寄存器写入了0x01,为什么读出来的值还是0x00;,其他的寄存器可以正常写入,读取出来的数据也是正确的。

  • AD9257 waveform jump


    I‘ve had a problem using AD9257. I used it to acquire a sine wave, but the waveform will jump if the input exceed a value, as shown below.

    The problem does not occur in all of the 8 channels. 

    I made a few test boards, and each board has different…

  • AD8137、AD9257


  • AD9257 Expected VIN Load


    I am wondering what the recommended load (50Ω, 100Ω, 1kΩ, etc.) is for the VIN+/- input pins of the AD9257. We will be potentially using the ADA4930 as a single-ended to differential driver before the ADC, and I'm not sure what load to put on…

  • AD9257 Debug

    Hi All.

    I'm trying to get SerDes output from a set of AD9257's on a custom PCB.

    1) No shorts on any pins

    2) Correct SPI data and clock (running at ~1.5MHz)

    3) Correct SPI register transmission settings things such as ADC digital reset and…

  • AD9257, evaluation system

  • AD9257 Xilinx IP


    My team is interfacing with the AD9257 and we have got the demo board, but we need to interface with a custom FPGA setup.  Is there some IP already created for the AD9257 like there is for the AD9265 found in this repository?:


  • AD9257 SPI issue


    I have troubles with SPI communication between AD9257 demo board and a zybo board.

    For example, I try to read the register 0x01(the chip ID) with this command, but as you can see the ADC doesn't answer...

    We check timing spec, and it is OK.


  • AD9257 AGND circuit

    There are three GND below in our system.



    GND for the image sensor

    (image sensor is CMOS with analog output)

    Connection of GND is shown below.

    Image sensor GND---AGND---DGND

    ADC will receive the signal from the sensor.

    Does GND of AD9257…