• RE: Documentation for the AD9253_125EBZ Eval. Board


    All information pertaining to the AD9253 Evaluation Board has been updated and can be accessed by following the link below:





    I am going to use AD9653.

    I downloaded the Design and Integration File from  the website :EVALUATING THE AD9653/AD9253/AD9633 ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTERS [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    In the file I found the design is for AD9253 but in the…

  • RE: Does your ADC made from a magnetic body?

    Hi Kaos,

    The AD9253EP is electrically IDENTICAL to the AD9253. So for all detailed information, the regular AD9253 datasheet should work. The AD9253-EP should be considered as a datasheet subset that highlights only the changes between itself and the…

  • AD9253上电输出异常




    1. 在AD9253有通道无输出后使能PDWN,使其工作在PowerDown状态,所有通道无输出,然后再释放PDWN,恢复正常工作状态,但之前无输出的通道还是没有输出;


  • AD9253 sharing SPI BUS with clock driver (i.e AD9510)


    My company is designing acquistion board and we targeted AD9253 as its ADC. We will use FPGA to configure ADC and PLL and to retreive data from it. Due to the limit of available pins on our FPGA I want to minimize interfaces as much as possible…

  • High frequency input to AD9253?


    Our IF signal freqency is about 450MHz with bandwidth 30MHz,  can this signal be inputted to AD9253 ?  I can't find performence specification for input signal above 200MHz. What is the isolate performance between four channels in AD9253?

  • RE: Common mode matching between AD9253 and AD8352

    Hello Veera,

    Thank you for posting the question regarding the AD9253 on E-zone. For your application I would suggest AC coupling the outputs of the AD8352 with the inputs of the AD9253.

    - Connect a 0.1uF decoupling capacitor to the VCM pin of the AD8352…

  • RE: Driver AD9253 using ADA4937

    Dear Flaviano,

    Thank you for using the ADA4937 and AD9253.

    I believe that the output common mode range of the ADA4937 is not quite matched to the AD9253. As you have stated, the VCM output of the AD9253 is at 0.9V. This is outside the range of the ADA4937…

  • RE: Схема включения AD9253

    Hi Quertyzoom,

    I used an online translator to try to understand your question. If you are looking for an example schematic for AD9253, you can look at the schematic of the evaluation board as an example. It can be found here: http://www.analog.com/ug…

  • RE: AD9253 Evaluation Board + ADC FMC Interposer with Zedboard

    hi, my solution do not work . Frame Clk of AD9253 board is connected to A/B1 pin and ADC interposer have A/B1 pin not connected. FRameCLK in the interposer is connected to D0A and thi pin is not connected in the AD9253 Board. I`m using a Zedboard.