• AD9252 input configuration

    Dear Specialist,

            As the sample rate is only 2.5Mhz for each channel, can we follow the AD922X quite simple input type for AD9252 design?

    The reference design of AD9252 uses quite complex transformer.

  • AD9252 linearity problem

    I have a question regarding the linearity of the AD9252. I am using a system that contains 32 ADC channels using the 4 off AD9252 devices. I find that I obtain the data sheet figures for INL if I drive only a single input channel of the AD9252. However…

  • AD9252 SPI Communication


    I have problems with communicating with the AD9252 via SPI. I try to write 0x01 to reg 0x08 and 0x01 to reg 0xFF to switch AD9252 in PowerDown and looking at power consumption. I noticed reducing power consumption (and increse after writing 0x00…

  • AD9252/AD9257 sample program

    We have some issues about the Sampling time sequence of AD9252/9257, the output is nothing, so we hope you can provide the sample program to me to help to revise our program.

  • AD9252 LVDS interface


    I am planning to use AD9252, and I have few questions:

    1. Loooking at the data sheet page 5 table 3 Innput common mode voltage is says typical 1.2V, but when I search for LVDS oscilator, all of them are 1.25V will those 50mV create a problem…

  • AD9252 clock power supply


    I am new to high speed ADC. I want to use 3 AD9252 adc in my board with XC6SLX100 FPGA. I have some questions about power supply. as mentioned in datasheet it is better to use seperate power supply for analog and digital part so I used two ADP3339AKCZ…

  • AD9278 & AD9252 Phase Response


    is there data available concerning the phase response of the analog inputs of your ADCs?

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  • Unexpected Gain with AD8334 on AD9252-50EBZ eval board

    Hello everyone, I have an AD9252-50EBZ evaluation board. The board contains two AD8334 VHF VGAs that can optionally be placed into the front-end signal path into the AD9252 ADC by changing some resistor values on the board. I've followed the directions…

  • AD9252 vs. AD9257 on the same system board

    I currently use the AD9252 on my system board but would like to use the AD9257 instead. Is this possible? What are the main differences between the two ADCs?

  • Operating the AD9252 at lowest sample rate for diagnostic purposes

    Hello all,

    The AD9252's datasheet specifies the Minimum Clock Rate at 10MSPS. For diagnostic purposes of the system we would like to lower the sample rate to 1MSPS. Does the AD9252 work at such low rate? I'm aware that AD9252 makes use of clockmultipliers…