• 2011-10-20 06:40:40     undefined reference to `Ret_Add'

    2011-10-20 06:40:40     undefined reference to `Ret_Add'

    william pagnon (AUSTRALIA)

    Message: 104043   


    I don't know where this linking error come from:


    bfin-elf-gcc -g -mcpu=bf561 -mmulticore -mcoreb -mlong-calls -Wall -save-temps …

  • Request the schematic review with AD9251-80 and ADA4937-1


    My customer wnats to get your advice about their schematic with AD9251-80 and ADA4937-1.

    They used AD9251-65 and ADA4937-1 in their system, but now they will change the sampling frequency of their system.

    So they need your help.

    The sampling frequency…

  • ADIS16470 - exceeding 40 g


    I am building a model rocket for an extracurricular project at my school and the rocket will peak at 60 (!) g of acceleration. I wanted to know if the behaviour of the ADIS16470 IMU or any other 40 g accelerometer for that matter was known after…

  • RE: 40 reference clock for AD9913 DDS


    There is no minimum or maximum frequency value for the external crystal according to the data sheet but the typical 25MHz value is required as the circuitry within the device is tuned to this specific frequency. Using different frequency value will…

  • 关于AD9258/AD9251的部分数据位不输出的问题







  • AD9272BSVZ-40


    I´m using the High speed ADC  "AD9272BSVZ-40", i want to know if it´s possible to use a clock oscillator of 50 MHz , or the maximum frequency of the clock oscillator has to be 40 MHz.

  • 40 bits accumulator


    How can I use Blackfin 40 bits accumulator.

    Can I use it in C, or must I use assembler.


  • AD9237-40 power consumption


    We check power consumption of AD9237-40 both power scaling enable and disable .
    Datasheet figure 43 and 44 describle only power consumption by 10MSPS at power scaling disable and enable.
    Please let me knoe about power consumption when we use  AD9237…

  • Push/Pop 40-Bit registers


    I try to find a good way to save and restore 40-Bit register values (floating point in f0-f15) during an interrupt service routine.

    My audio calculations are done in 40-Bit floating point, my SPI communicates with a microcontroller.

    The SPI end…

  • 40 bit float in VDSP++

    VisualDSP++ 5.0 C/C++ Compiler Manual for SHARC Processors describe why 40 bit operation is absent.

    I want to debate about this.

    As datasheet is written:

    Problem 1

    Where possible, the compiler will attempt to perform constant folding (the simplification…