• AD9250: Can the hardware reset operation reset all of the functions of AD9250 including the clock generation functions of AD9250?

    Dear Experts,

    My customer wants to ask you about the following question on AD9250 reset operation.

    Q1: When RST pin (Pin#:10) in AD9250 is asserted with low level as the hardware reset operation, all of the AD9250 functions including “CLOCK GENERATION…

  • AD9250: JESD204B SYNC NG errors reported by FPGA connected to AD9250 through JESD204B over temperature.

    Dear Experts,

    My customer is facing the following issue. Could you please help my customer to investigate and/or fix the issue?

    Please see below and the attached file. Moreover, could you please reply to the following questions?

    1. Issue description…

  • AD9250 Evaluation

    Is there an additional data capture required in order to evaluate the AD9250?


    Yes, it requires the new high speed ADC data capture card called HSC-ADC-EVALDZ.
  • ad9250


    I have problems when I use ad9250. 60 degrees,Ad9250 output sampling data is wrong , but the self-test mode is correct,now ad9250 is in sync status.What causes this problem?

  • AD9250 missing codes


    I'm using the AD9250 with Xilinx K-7series FPGA. After I config the ADC, the link is established well. But when I test the AD9250 with a sine wave, the ADC data output performs like missing codes. And I  used a larger amplitude ramp wave test AD9250…

  • AD9250 to AD9683 migration

    Hello Everyone, 

    As a part of an evaluation project, I would like to use AD9683 ( on its FMC evaluation board). However I could not find any project or and library element with name AD9683. 

    My plan is to modify AD9250 to AD9683 as a component and then…

  • AD9250-250EBZ与EVALEZ

    我有一块AD9250-250EBZ老版本的评估板,不是FMC接口;相同接口的EVALDZ采集板已经停产,所以我买了FMC接口的EVALEZ采集板和一块CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB转接板,但是AD9250-250EBZ通过CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB转成FMC接口连到EVALEZ上面使用的时候SPI controller不识别评估板。


  • Protecting input of AD9250

    Hi there,

    I've got a system with an AD9250 which is being driven by an HMC1023. The HMC1023 is driving a 330 ohm load across the ADC input through a pair of 40R resistors (i.e. one in each arm of diff pair giving a total load of around 400R). At the…

  • AD9250 on linux microblaze


    I am trying to use the adcs AD9250 on the fmc-jesdadc1-ebz board and the Xilinx KC705 evaluation kit.
    I compiled the https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/hdl/tree/hdl_2017_r1 project ‘fmcjesdadc1/kc705’ on Vivado 2016.4
    and Linux  https://github.com…

  • AD9250 Reset signal

    Hi all

    I have some inquiries about AD9250 from my customer.
    My customer says,
    When he resets AD9250, it occurs frequently that AD9250 does not start up correctly.
    Then his questions are followings.

    Q1. Please share the recommended width (=duration?) of…