• RE: AD9249 design resources

    Hi Doug,

    I purchased AD9249- FMC board for R&D purpose, Will you please send reference design suitable for XILINX FPGA board.

    I am interfacing this board with zynq ultrascale evaluation board for my application development.

    Waiting for your reply…

  • SPIcontroller can not recognize AD9249-65EBZ


    I'm using AD9249-65EBZ and HSC-ADC-EVALEZ.
    Now I encounter the same error as ez.analog.com/.../ad9268-125ebz-spicontroller-fails

    I set the evaluation boards according to the "EVALUATING THE AD9249 ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER" page.

  • RE: AD9249-65EBZ Spurious Correlated Readings

    Hi Gustaf,

    Thank you for using AD9249.

    Have you tried to do digital reset? This is just to ensure that the AD9249 is initialized properly.

    The pseudocode sequence for a digital reset follows:

    SPI_Write (0x08, 0x03); # digital reset

    SPI_Write (0x08, 0x00…

  • ad9249 Design resources

    hi i am student . i need vhdl code of ad9249 that i use chip in my project .

    thanks analog devices

  • AD9249-65EBZ

    I have the AD9249-65EBZ board. I do not have any of the recommended interfacing boards. I have powered the board with 6V and removed the jumpers on P1. I have attached connections to a micro-controller to the middle pins 2, 5, 8, 11. I then attempt to…

  • Application questions about AD9249


    I want to design a 10-channel data acquisition circuit with AD9249. There are two quesions:

    1、AD9249 has 16-channel. What should I do with the unused analog input VIN− and VIN+? Tied to GND, or just left floating?

    2、What should I do with the…

  • AD9249 aperture delay variation

    In AD9249 datasheet I can find the following aperture related specs:
    - Aperture Delay
    - Aperture Uncertainty (Jitter)

    But I can't find anywhere  "Aperture mismatch within device" or "Aperture delay variation Channel-to-channel within the same device…

  • AD9249: FMC connector

    In the project I'm working on, a connection must be made between a zynq ZC702 (Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC ZC702 Evaluation Kit, www.xilinx.com/.../ek-z7-zc702-g.html) and an analog devices board AD9249 (www.analog.com/.../EVAL-AD9249.html. To test the…

  • AD9249 Evaluation Board

    Hello. I have an question to the following product: AD9249 Evaluation Board.


    (1) Is the source code (VHDL) freely available? (Download-Link ...)

    (2) I have currently the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ. Can I use the AD9249 Evaluation Board at this without probl…

  • EVAL-AD9249 Questions

    Hi there, 

    I wanted to ask a few questions regarding the EVAL-AD9249 board:

    1) Are all 16 channels sampled coherently / simultaneously? Are these channels phase-coherent? 

    2) I'm assuming once the signal has been downconverted, I can select a band(s) of…