• RE: AD9248双通道输出数据不平衡的问题。

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  • AD9248 sampling single ended DC signal in Terasic development board


    I am using Terasic ADA AD/DA development board (AD9248). I am interested in using the ADC on the board in a single ended output source for low-frequency signals and even DC measurements. However, the board is designed in an AC coupled manner (see…

  • AD9248输入范围为2VP-P,但是输入信号范围为0-5V,前端怎么设计一个衰减


  • AD9248 Muxed Output OTR question

    I have a customer looking at the AD9248, Dual HIgh Speed ADC.

    Can you clarify whether the OTR  signals will be muxed as the same way as the 14 bit data out signals are in Muxed Output Mode?  Or are the A and B OTR outputs maintained as if in dual channel…

  • Input common-mode voltage range of AD9248


    I have a question about input common-mode voltage range of AD9248.

    In the page-5 of CN0320 circuit note, the common-mode voltage between ADRF6510 and AD9248 is 1.5 V and 3 V and 2.25V is recommended.


  • AD9248 (HS ADC) --- Data Read

    Hi ,

    I am using AD9248 , High Speed ADC in my Design ....... I am interfacing it to the Spartan 6 FPGA.

    I want to know ,when i have to read the the output parallel data.

    There is input Clock  CLK_A for channel in A ... and  Output Enable OEB_A .

  • ADSP21489 interfacing with AD9248

    Hi ,

    One of my customer is facing a problem in reading the two channel continuous data parallely with PDAP.

    The Question is.

    He is using the AD9248 two channel ADC, channel-1 data on the posedge and channel-2 data on the negedge. When he is trying…

  • AD9248 LQFP and LFCSP


    want to know is there any difference between the LQFP and LFCSP packages of AD9248.

    datasheet says LFCSP has heat slug that improves thermal and electrical properties of the package.

    is it hat LFCSP is better than LQFP?

    Please let me know.


  • Output pins

    Can you tell me which pins are + and which are - on the two differential
    The AD9248 in our receivers has + and - indications on each input pin but the
    ADC just has A and B or 1 and 2


    For the AD9767 DAC outputs A is plus and B is…